Study Shows We Want Sleep More Than Sex!

November 28, 2017

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Remember those days when you were younger, when you’d try to delay going to bed for as long as possible? Now we are all eager to climb into bed after a long and stressful day at work and catch up on sleep. For some, it is even better than sex.

In a recent survey, we saw just how much people would give up in order to get some rest. It seemed that not even the intense pleasure of sex is enough to tempt up out of bed. So just how many people prefer sleep to sex?

Sleeping time away

Most of us don’t get enough rest at night as it is. We will stay up late to watch TV or get that last little bit of paperwork done, instead of sleeping. Then we will need to get up early in order to dress for work and travel into work.

Other activities, however, can eat into our time spent in bed. It means that we feel even more tired the next day. When you don’t get enough sleep you can find yourself feeling irritable. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough coffee!

Instead of setting a schedule, however, we’ll just try to cope. We’ll convince ourselves that we don’t need that much sleep anyway, and try to enjoy a lie-in when we aren’t in work whenever we can.

Coffee makes the world go round

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Sleep wins!

A survey by the Better Sleep Council recently discovered that, when it comes to sex, it isn’t as high a priority for us as some other activities we can do in bed.

When interviewed about the subject, a large number of participants stated that they want to enjoy sleep more than sex. In fact, 6 in 10 of them stated this, with some even saying that they would fall asleep in the middle of the act!

It seems that, in the battle of the sexes, it is women who place a higher priority on getting an extra few minutes in bed. 79% of women said that they would rather be sleeping instead of fucking, with 42% of men feeling the same way.

Most couples would rather be sleeping instead of sex

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Sex and a good night’s sleep

We don’t put sex as high on our list as priorities as perhaps we should, especially when there are so many benefits to it. We already know that masturbation is good for you, but many of these benefits can be applied to sex too!

If you are feeling stressed after a difficult day at work, or in the run up to that important meeting, sex can actually help you drift off at night. It will help you to release all of that stress and tension you have been holding, so you’ll find getting to sleep is a lot easier.

Another benefit? You’ll go to bed on a high and will be healthier for it. It turns out that regular sex keeps you healthy, so you are less likely to take sick days from work. Plus, you’ll be in a good mood. What could be better than that?

Sex can actually help you with rest

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Which do you crave more?

I’m not going to lie to you… sometimes I really like the idea of simply lying in bed for an extra hour on a Sunday and catching up on the sleep I will have inevitably lost when out on a Friday or Saturday night.

That said, if sex is on the menu I’m not going to turn it down. Asking me to choose between them though? It’s too difficult a decision.

Feeling more determined than I am? Which would you choose? Let me know! Are you a fan of spending time in bed resting, or do you prefer to stay active in the sheets?

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