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Rear view of gorgeous young naughty lady sitting on top of her lover, fixing her hair, wearing hot black outfit, stockings, dominantning in the foreplay sexual game, they are about to have sex, nice loft room
June 20, 2018

Some people love having sex first thing in the morning. They see it as the perfect way to wake up, and an ideal beginning to their day. For others, they simply don’t have time for this. They want to fuck, but not as soon as they wake up. They’d rather wait until the evening to get it on, when they can get rid of the last of their energy in a fun way.

Woman seducing man in bed as part of their sex year
December 15, 2015

For many of us, having enough sex is a pretty big deal. It feels great to fuck, and when we’ve gone for several days or weeks without having the chance to jump into bed with someone, it can really change our attitude. We get a little snappier simply because we haven’t had the chance to let off some steam, and we are more easier irritated by the little things that shouldn’t matter. Now that we are getting closer to the end of the year, people are trying to decide if 2015 was the hottest sex year.