Teacher Asks For Kids Sex Toy Pictures!

June 10, 2015

We have all had that one funny teacher we remember from when we were at school. Whist the others were rather strict and boring, these individuals would joke with you and speak to you like you were actually an adult. Despite there being a possibility that they would be treated with scepticism by fellow teachers, they really did make you enjoy going to school. However, one teacher in America is in serious trouble after maybe taking it all a step too far.

Sex Toys Pics

According to reports in California, a geometry teacher of 15 and 16 year old kids asked his students to have a root through their parents bedrooms, find items like sex toys and condoms, and take pictures of them.

However, one student took it all rather too literally, and actually went and did it. Instead of admonishing the kid, our hilarious teacher used the picture to show how to get extra credit.

This all became public knowledge when a parent heard about it after their child told a counsellor. The counsellor then went and passed it on to the school.

There is really nothing worse than a snitch.

Another parent, Kimberly Cobene, heard about the ‘project’ when they were openly told about it by there child, who even added that the teacher had joked “It would be funnier if you got caught”.

“I was like, are you serious? Are you kidding me?” Cobene said.

Well, it now appears that Mr Funny has been ‘placed on leave’ whilst the matter is resolved and an investigation takes place.

I have to say, I think I would be mortified if I found my Mum’s vibrator. I will go as far to say I would be nauseas. I just can’t imagine my parents having sex.

A Difficult Job

I think this shows how difficult it is for teachers from all around the world. They are desperate to reach out to the children and engage with them, but they need to remember that these kids are just that; kids. Whilst adults know that if they hear something none PC, they need to keep their mouths shut or the person who said it could be in the shit, children may just repeat what they hear because it is amusing.

There is also the chance that some children may not have that advanced sense of humour, so will take it seriously. Take this case for example; some dumbass kid thought it was a good idea to take pictures of his parents sex toys. Others who think it is serious may feel rather uncomfortable.

There is also the chance that this well meaning teacher has been ratted out by a few students who just wanted to get him into trouble. Kids can be viscous swines, and anyone who says they aren’t, probably needs to meet one of them at some point.

We really do hope that this teacher doesn’t lose his job, though in a world where every adult who wants to spend time with kids is seen as some sort of deviant, I won’t be putting my sizeable XEscorts salary on his returning to the school any time in the near future.

It is all rather sad.

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