Teacher Charged After Giving Kid A Lap-Dance

June 18, 2014

A teacher in Houston, Texas has been suspended and charged with ‘having an inappropriate relationship with a student’ after giving a 15 year old boy a lap-dance for his birthday.

The teen told investigators that he sat next to Smith’s desk as she moved back and forth on his crotch and touched him all over his body. Near the end of the dance, it is claimed Smith sank to her knees and proceeded to put her head between his legs.

This was all in the front of the other students who had encouraged the teacher to give the boy this particular gift.

The young lad also admitted that he spanked the teachers bottom a couple of times.

‘Happy Birthday’

As music played in the background, she allegedly told the kid “I love you, baby. Happy Birthday,”

Needless to say, this got out and the teacher was suspended on full pay whilst the criminal proceedings run their due course.

Smith is out on bail after posting a $30,000 bond. One suspects she is in a lot of trouble.

This is one hell of a bad judgement call by the teacher. If the story is really how it was presented, how did she not realise she was going to be in dire straights when it came out?

In the video that you can see above, I find the parents views amazing, and it shows that in cases like this, the sexes really aren’t equal.

The parents involved describe it as a bad move, but don’t really seem that outraged, describing Smith as a good teacher.

Double Standards

Now let’s get something straight; if that was a male teacher waving his tackle in front of a 15 year old girls face, there wouldn’t be this level of understanding. Instead, there would be a lynch mob going after him, and a huge prison sentence awaiting him when they had cut him down from the nearest tree.

There is no way that a teacher should be pulling this kind of performance. Most young lads have a teacher fantasy; I certainly know I did. But there is a difference between what is a dream and what should become a reality.

Many of the Manchester escorts offer role-play as a service. So if you want them to dress up as a teacher, then go ahead.

But the reality of a female teacher giving a 15 year old kid a lap-dance is, in my opinion, grim as anything.

Though one thing is certain. I am sure that whilst it was happening he wasn’t complaining!

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