Teacher Jailed for Sex With Three Students

August 7, 2015

A former Utah teacher has been jailed for between 2 and 30 years after she pleaded guilty to charges of having sex with three 16/17 year old students.

Brianne Altice, 36, wept before she was sentenced, claiming she was in a “very vulnerable time.”.

“I am human, and I messed up during a very vulnerable time in my life,” the disgraced woman told the court.

Well, this didn’t go down too well with one of the victims mothers, who claimed that her son was also vulnerable.

“You hurt my son in ways that you will never know. You hurt all of those boys,” she told her.

Her Responsibility

Altice had argued that the boys had heavily pursued her. Though this wasn’t denied by the prosecution, they pointed out that it was her job to end it.

“She enjoyed the positive attention she was getting from them, but I think she failed to recognize that she was the adult, and this wasn’t positive attention,” Attorney Cristina Ortega said.

This point was also made by the presiding judge.

“You were the adult, you were the teacher, you were the one that could have stopped that from happening,” Judge Thomas Kay told her.

The relationship with one of the boys went on for months. So long in fact that he thought she was his girlfriend.

Apparently this all pretty much in the open, with fellow students asking ‘who Ms Altice sleeping with now?”

Well, that is certainly one way to flush your life down the toilet. I always find myself pretty conflicted in these stories though.

Rather Torn

Firstly, no teacher should be having sex with their student. It is beyond unprofessional, and when that person is under-age (18 is usually the age of consent in the States) then a crime has definitely been committed.

Also, if a male teacher had done it, then he would be getting strung up. It is right that a woman gets the same treatment.

However, I do wonder what is going on when all these boys start claiming emotional distress. When I was coming of age, if a teacher tried it on with me, I would have been clicking my heels. Actually, I wonder where all these hot teacher who are desperate to get off with their pupils were when I was young? I was busy sorting myself out with porno mags. I would have killed for a bit of female attention.

Everyone is different, but I have real doubt that every student who gets busted banging their teacher and then claims ’emotional distress’ is telling the truth. Many will just be shitting themselves when they get caught and will just be ratting anyone out to save their own ass. If that means playing the victim, then they can.

Before anyone accuses me of double standards, the same goes for girls. We all know there are girls who develop quicker and are ready for sexual relations. However, there will be those who five years after the age of consent are still not emotionally ready to make that step, even if they eventually do.

I very much doubt these lads will be talking about their emotional distress when they are with their mates in the bar in 10 years. However, they will be gloating, and will be significantly better off after getting a good compensation pay out.

This doesn’t mean that a teacher shouldn’t be locked up for lengthy amount of time. The age of consent was brought in to stop any subjectivity as to whether the victim is ready for sex or not. Though that will lead to issues where no leeway is given, it is a rule that everyone knows. If you don’t want to get locked up, don’t start having sex with your pupils. It seems pretty simple to be fair.

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