The Air Sex Championships Are Back!

October 12, 2015

What many consider to be the most bizarre sport in the world is back, as America is proudly hosting the World Air Sex Championships again. If you don’t know what the air sex championships are, you might be able to guess from the name that they are basically competitions where performers get up on stage in front of hundreds and imagine that they are having sex.

It’s a weird thing to see, as you can imagine, but it is gaining popularity and you can see why. It is something fun to do, it’s different, and it is something that will easily be able to spend hours and hours talking about in the future.

Here on XEscorts we take a look at what the Air Sex Championships are all about, and why they are so popular.

The beginning of something beautifully weird

When it comes to strange things and sex, Japan tends to get the blame for the origin. However, air sex did actually originate from Japan, and is a form of performance art that allowed people to entertain and be a little raunchy without having to take any clothes off at all.

The act was most probably inspired by the air guitar championships that you can attend and watch, but the sexy twist on them means that anyone can join in, even if you don’t have the rhythm to keep up with the background music.

It was back in 2006 when J-Taro Sugisaku first invented the concept, and says that it all came about because of a group of men who were bored and without girlfriends… and clearly the logical thing to do in that circumstance is to fuck the air. Okay, so we can kind of understand. It might be that the guys had a lot to drink and were talking about how much they wanted sex, before demonstrating what they want to do to a woman. J-Taro Sugisaku might have seen it and thought “this is a great idea”.

The idea basically snowballed from there, with people all around the world taking it up. They wanted to know more about this fascinating form of entertainment, and people also wanted to try their hand at it. Were they good enough to win the top prize?

Regular competitions

The biggest appeal of air sex is that it is a competition. You basically have to keep your clothes on and out-sex your opponents, and there are plenty of competitions going on around the world. In fact, it is believed that in America alone there are around 40 competitions held nationwide. That is a lot of air sex!

The prizes of the competitions vary from place to place, with some simply giving you recognition for being the best at faking it, while others might give you a cash prize to show how hard you have worked for it.

I’m sure there are plenty of people around the world thinking “you know what, I fake it enough in bed, it is about time I got some recognition for it”, and the intriguing sport has become popular with both men and women eager to impress.

Of course, it is different to having sex. With sex things are much more subtle and intimate, while air sex is very exaggerated. If you are being taken from behind doggy style you might throw your body as far forward as possible to show the sheer force with which they are fucking you. It is over the top and not at all subtle, which is part of the fun!

Making a movie!

With something as big as this, we shouldn’t be surprised that people have been inspired to make a movie and show what the air sex championships are really like. After all, many think it is just comical sex on stage, but there is a real showmanship and skill to the sport.

One of the regular hosts of the championships, a comedian named Christ Trew, actually took part in the movie documentary about air sex and said that, one of the reasons the show is so popular, is because of the way the world looks at sex.

The world takes sex too seriously, right? So that’s one of the reasons why we enjoy what we’re doing with the show so much. We also feel like sex can be gross or awkward or weird or funny so let’s get creative with how we showcase that in a comedy show.”

By showing the different things that can go wrong during sex on the stage, it is making people feel a lot more confident in themselves. We really shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or gross for having sex because, let’s be honest, sex is a lot of fucking fun, and something that we absolutely love doing.

Would you do it?

With an event as huge and as popular as this one, it is easy to see why so many want to know about it. They are intrigued and eager to learn just what makes this sport so popular, and with the internet right there to answer their questions it has never been easier to find out more.

We expect that some of you might go off and try out your air sex routine in front of the mirror, just to see how it looks, but do you think you would ever enter a competition? Personally I don’t think I would, unless I’d had a little liquid courage, and a survey on the Mirror said that 80% of people wouldn’t want to take part.

However, that still left 20% of people who said they would be happy to climb up on stage in front of friends and strangers and hump the air to try and get the big prize. That is more than we were expecting!

Would you take part, or do you prefer to keep yourself to yourself?

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