The Hardest Positions For Sexperts To Try!

September 16, 2018

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When it comes to spicing up sex, we have plenty of options. We could explore a kinky fetish, add some sex toys to the mix, or try a new position. There are so many weird and wonderful positions out there, especially for the more adventurous among you.

However, after a while you might find that you are bored with the position. You want something challenging, something that will really mix things up. I take a look at some of the hardest positions budding sexperts out there might be eager to try!

The hill

I stumbled across this position on the Sex Positions website when a friend asked if I knew the name of a particular position. I didn’t, but I figured that this website was the perfect place to find it. Although I did not find that particular position, I was incredibly intrigued by this one.

As you can see from the image, it isn’t going to be an easy position to get into. It is much easier for the receiver than the active party, as they are simply helping them get into position. That said, the active party simply has to hold the position while the receiver moves against them.

The person adopting the position of the purple figure will need to have a lot of upper body and core strength. You’ll need to hold the position for an extended period of time, while the yellow figure will need to support them however they can. If you are looking for a shallow penetration position which stimulates the g-spot, this is it!

The hill position looks uncomfortable

Original source: Sex Positions


How many legs does a spider have? Eight. That’s how many limbs will be pressed against the floor while you fuck in the ‘spider’ position. No butts, no backs. Just limbs.

The image below does a pretty good job of showing what we mean. Both you and your partner will hold yourselves in the air as you fuck. It provides one hell of a challenge and makes for a fun but active position for both of you.

Anyone looking for a workout can stop now. You’ve found it. For both you and your partner it’ll require a lot of total body strength. Legs, arms, core… everything will be worked in this position. As the site tells us, “this position is not for long sex”. If you want an interesting quickie, you don’t need to look any further.

Eager to test your entire body? The spider position might work for you

Original source: Sex Positions

Stick figure

At first glance, this position doesn’t seem like it is that complicated. However, further inspection tells you that it requires a lot of joint effort to make it work. While the yellow figure has to keep their body straight, the purple will need to bend over and fuck them, while also providing them with support.

While you can’t get really deep in this position, it isn’t exactly shallow either. However, the standing person has a lot to do. They are the one in charge of the thrusting, which might seem easy enough, but it is made all the more challenging when you are holding your partner up too.

However, unlike the previous hardest positions, it is easier to get into this one. The yellow figure will lie down before their partner lifts their body up for them. They can use a pillow for support, but it is a little easier to do this position than it is the others.

Standing sex is made challenging with the stick figure position

Original source: Sex Positions

Praying mantis

You know those times when you think “I’d love to lift my leg up like a dog does when peeing. Except instead of peeing, I want to fuck”? No, me neither. But believe it or not, there is a position for that.

It’s called the praying mantis, and as you can see from the image, it looks exactly like you are cocking your leg to piss. Not flattering, but it is a great position for stimulation… if you can manage to get into it.

You might find that it is easier to start in the doggy style position with your partner’s legs spread. Then you can move, rotating your hips and lifting your leg. It is especially useful if you are more well endowed, as you won’t be able to thrust all the way into your partner.

The praying mantis definitely isn't one for the faint hearted

Original source: Sex Positions


Of the hardest positions for you to try, this is particularly excellent for domination. The submissive will be the one to adopt the position of the ‘throne’, as I like to think of it. Then all the dominant has to do is take a seat.

As the image shows, it is certainly a different position to try. You are only connected via genitals, which can help to establish dominance on another level. However, it can feel amazing for both involved.

Adopting the position can be a challenge, especially if the ‘chair’ doesn’t have strong core muscles. You might find it helpful to have a support nearby, just in case. Starting lying down helps, before rolling onto your upper back and raising your legs. Your partner can then sit on you and control how fast sex is.

The watch position is great for dominating your partner

Original source: Sex Positions


You might feel that this list of hardest positions isn’t very challenging. You might even think that this next one doesn’t even need the label of ‘hard’. However, all of these positions are possible for sex. They are simply challenging to get into and maintain.

This next one is deceptive. It seems simple enough, right? But the purple figure is completely supporting the yellow one. They are completely holding them up, so there needs to be a lot of strength and trust involved.

This is one of my favourites. I’ve only experienced it with one fuck buddy, but it allowed for amazing deep penetration, making it stand out from the other hardest positions. It’s especially good if you want to give yourself over to your partner and allow them complete control.

The torch looks easy but it is actually very challenging

Original source: Sex Positions

The hardest sex positions you’ve tried

When I talk about the hardest positions, I don’t mean those that are impossible. I’m not talking about those that are so challenging to get into that you can only do so if you are double jointed. I mean positions which are hard to get into and maintain, but it is still possible.

Above are some of my favourites, and if you consider yourself a sexpert eager to spice things up, you might want to try a few of them. However, I’d love to hear about some of the other hardest positions out there.

Tell me all about them by leaving a comment in the box below. Which do you consider to be the hardest positions that you have experience with?

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