The Hottest Fantasies For First Time Role Play

July 15, 2015

Sometimes when you think of sex fantasies people might have, you tend to think of the kinky stuff that you don’t even want to have to think about, let alone try. So you’ll stick to the boring vanilla stuff in the bedroom, preferring your comfort zone to trying something new and exciting.

We’re here to tell you to stop it. You can try some hot and kinky things in the bedroom without having to be strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross or having your ass probed by a 10 inch dildo called “The Punisher”. In fact, a lot of fantasies don’t involve BDSM at all, so check out some of our suggestions below for some of the hottest fantasies for first time role playing.

Take control

There is something about a strong and hunky man in the bedroom that really turns us women on, but you might be reading this and thinking “well, that doesn’t apply to me”. Honestly, to fulfil this fantasy, you don’t need to have muscles as thick as a tree. You just need to take control.

To start things off and get her in the mood, tell her that you want to take control. You want to be in charge this time with sex, and that will get her instantly excited to see what you are going to do with it.

If you are strong enough and think you can do it safely, why not pick her up and take her to the bedroom? It is a lot of fun and feeling your arms around her as you carry her to the bed will be a huge turn on for the both of you, which means you’ll want to instantly strip off when you get there.

However, if you can’t comfortably carry her to the bedroom, simply walk her there. Walk behind her and keep your hands on her ass as she moves. You might even want to walk her backwards, so that she has to trust you to lead her to the bed. When you get there, simply keep hold of her as you back her onto the bed and let her fall down onto it. She will probably immediately go to take your clothes off.

Don’t do that. Instead, take her clothes off and stay in control. Kiss your way down her body and, as you do, remove her clothes one item at a time. Kiss her tits, bite her nipples, and lick her clit to drive her wild. Keep her under your command for as long as possible and see how many times you can get her to orgasm.

Costumed play

Costumed play is a lot of fun if you are willing to fork out for the clothes and equipment, but even if you aren’t you can actually do it on a budget! Simply talk to your partner first to figure out what hot and kinky stuff she wants to do the most.

It could be something simple, like wanting to play secretary to you. Sit down at a table or desk at her place and pretend to be on the phone, taking a very important meeting. She can saunter in wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt to distract your attention, and while you make your “very important phone call”, she can get on her knees and suck your cock.

It’s a hot fantasy to try, but you might want to take things further. If you’d rather she was the one in the position of power, why not suggest a cop role play? She can dress up as the police officer (many shops sell a sexy cop outfit for cheap) and pretend to “arrest” you, ordering you to do exactly what she wants. If you are happy with her taking charge, this is a great role play to try.

However, you might have another hot fantasy you are eager to try. Whatever it is, tell her and start planning what could happen. Sharing a fantasy together is a great way to bring you closer, and you’ll find yourself putting that memory in your wank bank for later!

Tie and tease

The takes us a little into the realm of BDSM, but don’t panic! We aren’t about to say that you have to be locked in a cage while wearing a dog collar. We want to give you some nice and easy fantasies to try out that don’t require lots of specialist equipment.

One of the favourites is tie and tease because it is such a simply fantasy to do. All you have to do is get something to tie and restrict your partner, such as soft rope, your tie from your day at the office, or even a tie for a dressing gown. That is all that you need. You don’t have to go out buying handcuffs and things unless you really want to.

Then comes the next part: the tease. Get your partner tied (comfortably) to the bed or chair and start to drive her wild. Kiss your way gently all over her body, telling her exactly what you want to do to her. She’ll start to squirm under you, begging for you to fuck her, but don’t give in. Keep going for as long as you can. Lick her all over, and keep getting her as close as you can to orgasm before stopping completely. It will drive her mad.

When you do finally untie her, she will probably jump straight onto you, eager to ride your cock, and you can guarantee that you will both reach a hot and screaming orgasm very quickly!

What are your favourite hot and sexy fantasies to try? Are you new to role playing, or is it something you have been doing for years? Let us know and write about your dirty fantasies in the comment box below.

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