The Most Graphic Sex-Ed Book Ever

June 16, 2015

I have to admit it, when I saw the ‘alleged’ Danish sex education book which went into rather graphic detail about how children were made this week, I thought it was a wind up. Maybe it the torrent of fake stories given to us by social media, or allegations of photo’s being taken down because they ‘offend Muslims’, when in fact no such thing has happened, I have just become rather sceptical in my old age.

Heated Debate

Well, I will hold my hands up. It seems this rather graphic book is very, very real, and has caused a heated debate all over the internet regarding whether anything like that should ever be published

‘How Baby is Made’ starts off pretty tamely. The front cover has an illustration of a woman, a man who looks like a 70’s porn star, and a baby. What could possible go wrong?

Well, soon after we see the man and the woman naked, complete with genitalia and hair in all the correct places. They are even looking at it in a ‘let’s get it on’ manner. It is at this point you realise this won’t be your average sex-ed book.

The book details the process

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Soon after they get into it The man has got on top of the woman, and we see in great detail what they get up to, including the semen travelling from his balls up to the egg.

Well, after that you see the baby growing, and then comes the miracle of child birth. We get to see right up the woman, and as the baby comes out, he or she gives us all a big wave.

Just one of the pages from the graphic text

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This is actually really amusing, and personally I don’t really see the problem. Just because the man and the woman have faces doesn’t make it wrong. The more realistic we make sex education, the more kids are actually going to understand it. It also saves parents from having to go through the cringeworthy experience of giving their offspring the facts of life talk. I know that is something I’m not looking forward to.

Rather Funny I Think

However, I won’t lie, as a guy whose own children are probably more mature than me, the puerile nature of the publication made me laugh out loud. God knows what my reaction would have been if I had got this in my school class. I think I would have been chucked out of lessons. Actually, i’m sure about that.

Well, if you do want to get your hands on this classic by Per Holm Knudsen, you will be delighted to hear that it is available on Amazon.

Once suspects that, with all this fantastic publicity, a good few copies maybe getting dispatched.

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