The Right Way To Give An Erotic Massage

November 11, 2015

To many people, giving an erotic massage involves putting on some sexy music, lighting some candles, and giving their partner a bit of a once over with your hands before you get down to business and start pleasuring them… but this isn’t the right way to do it, especially not if you want to drive them wild with desire. All this will do is get them a bit horny, which might be okay for you, but they would like something special instead.

Here on the XEscorts blog we want to make sure you are prepared when giving an erotic massage so that you don’t only leave them wanting more, but so that you also do it the way that you should. We cover every little thing from the basics you need to remember to technique and what to do when you partner is gasping and begging for you to fuck them like you’ve never fucked them before.


Preparation is something that is so often overlooked when it comes to giving an erotic massage. People assume that it is all down to your technique, but if you haven’t made the appropriate preparations to start with, your partner is going to be in for a really bad time. Instead, you need to take the time to get organised first.

To start with, what are you going to rub into their skin? You have a huge amount of choice available to you, from body oils and body lotions to special massage gels. When you are buying it, go for something that isn’t too strongly scented, as a strong smell in the bedroom when you are trying to relax can be very off-putting.

You should also take a shower before it happens. It’s all well and good choosing something nice smelling to spread on them, but quite frankly if you stink they won’t want you going near them. Take your time in the shower to scrub every inch of you, and pay special attention to your cock. Roll back the foreskin and clean with warm, soapy water to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your hands are going to be very involved in this, especially your fingertips, so for the love of god, trim your fingernails! You might enjoy nothing more than fingernails scraping along your skin, but if you plan on sliding those fingers into your partner’s sweet, tight pussy, you are going to have to trim them down.

The perfect setting

So you’ve got the oil, you’ve had a shower, and you’ve trimmed your nails so that you aren’t going to accidentally slice them to pieces instead of making them moan and groan in orgasm. Step one is done! Step two is all about setting up the room, as the atmosphere is so important here.

Choose some nice, relaxing music to put on in the background. You can probably find plenty of playlists for it on a site like YouTube, but then you have to deal with adverts. However, if you pay for a premium account on the Swedish-made Spotify, you have the perfect tool. You will find thousands of playlists, making it the perfect thing to put on in the background.

Oil and body lotion can get messy, so something else you should also have to hand are some fluffy, clean towels. If it is a bit cold in the room and you have the heating on, we recommend lying them on the radiator. It saves room and keeps them nice and warm for later.

The erotic massage

Now it is time for the massage. Start by having your partner lie down on their front, already naked for you. While they do, rub some oil in your hands. This will help to heat it up.

As a general rule, it is best to start at the top of their body and work your way down. Use the flat of your hand and start slowly gliding it up and down their body, taking the time to build up a rhythm. Try to keep contact with their skin at all time, as this will help to build pleasure and anticipation about where your hand is going neck.

At first you will want to avoid touching the hotspots that really get her going. You want to tease her and have her dripping wet for you before get down to business.

When you do touch the erogenous zones that she likes the most, don’t spend too long there. Skim over them and lay gentle kisses down before moving on. It will drive her wild with desire as she will just want you to fuck her. By this point, she’ll be squirming and moaning underneath you, and it is time for that fun part.

Getting down to business

Some people don’t enjoy fucking when giving an erotic massage, but some absolutely love it. Personally I love it, but it is your choice. However, you will need to give your partner some pleasure, and you can do this with your fingers.

When you are massaging the top of their thighs, bring your fingers to the outside of their pussy lips and gently rub. Tease them as much as you can, slowly bringing your fingers to their clit while sliding one inside of them. They might start to moan and groan beneath you, and when you think they are getting close, stop.

Stopping will have them begging for you to continue and just fuck them, and you can take the time to slide a condom onto your cock. Gently go back to rubbing their clit as you teasingly slide your dick in and out of their pussy. When they start to beg, that is when you give it to them. Keep the pace slow and in no time at all she will be moaning beneath you.

Do you enjoy giving erotic massages, or do you prefer receiving them? Let us know in the comment box below.

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