The Sex Courses We Want To Sign Up For!

October 7, 2015

Universities are becoming known lately for having some of the strangest courses for you to attend. At the Ohio State University you can learn all about Harry Potter, while the University of Texas at Austin can teach you Klingon. Hell, if you want to know more about Cyberporn and Society (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t?) the University of New York might be the place for you.

It is also the time for many young people to discover themselves and what turns them on the most. They get to try out new and exciting things in the bedroom, and learn a little more about their bodies… so, unsurprisingly, a University has decided to start a course to help people understand what is going on. In fact, you can attend a lecture on “the art of masturbation”… where do we sign up?

The University of Sheffield

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a full course just about sex, which is a bit disappointing, but it is still an officially run lecture from a University, and given how prudish people are about sex we will take anything that we can get!

Well, students of English Literature are getting lecturers on the Art of Masturbation, which will help to “give them a heightened understanding” of the topic. No, they aren’t being told the right way to do it. They just get to look through a variety of pieces of literature on a reading list to discuss just how masturbation is show.

They include everything from EK Sedgwick’s “Jane Austin” to the appropriately named “The Masturbating Girl” to compare just how jerking off has been represented throughout the years.

The student newspaper at the University of Sheffield has also said that they will be discussing the fact that Sense and Sensibility could simply be “an extended lesbian hymn”, which is sure to be controversial.

Suspicious students

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of the students at this university have expressed their uncertainty. One student even said that she dreads “to think how graphic the lecture is going to be when the title alone is already banging on about wanking”, and ends with “Let’s hope there’s no practical work involved!”

To be honest, we don’t see what is so bad about the title. Calling it “the art of masturbation” doesn’t suggest it is going to be graphic at all, and I’m sure that many University students would be able to tell us if it did cross the line.

Obviously, the University lecturers are hoping to address the concerns raised by this unusual course, telling us that it isn’t just a case of looking through books for the best erotic literature. Instead, it is for an entirely different purpose.

Tutor Dr Fabienne Collignon states that “the lecture will be on Walt Whitman, Rob Halpern and the deconstruction of masturbation. It will argue how the writing of lyric poetry and masturbation always imagines an absent other, so that’s the basis.” Well, that helps to put our minds at ease a bit.

Left a little disappointed

You may be one of the people hoping to sign up to the English Literature course at the University of Sheffield last minute so that you could get in on this, and if you were you will no doubt be feeling really disappointed.

With a title like “the art of masturbation” you, like us, might have been hoping for an in-depth look as masturbation in literature and just what new skills and tricks we can learn from the pages, and not what it means.

In fact, you aren’t the only one. So many are feeling disappointed with the fact that this course is being referred to by some as “scandalous” and “outrageous” when it isn’t even that bad! It could be far, far worse.

They could go into great detail about the sex in books, looking at the positions the characters adopt and why each position is good for them. Instead, it is a pretty tame look at sex… so what is the alternative?

The sex courses we really want

One of the big things that this lecture has done is got people thinking about the sex courses that they really want to go on. We are all eager to learn the best tips and tricks to try out in the bedroom, and if there was a course where you could try them out it would be even better! This isn’t something new. In fact, people have been able to pay to attend “sex lessons” for years, if you know the right places to go. Googling certainly helps, as simply putting in “sex courses” brings up over 208,000,000 results. That is a lot of sex for us to be learning about!

A lot of the courses focus on Tantra and just how using tantric massage and Tantra techniques in the bedroom can help make sex even more exciting for you and your partner. These courses are ideal for both couples and individuals, and many give you demonstrations (of sorts) to help you figure out exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and the impact it will have during sex.

The problem with that is that we tend to get pretty embarrassed when sex is brought up, especially if there are strangers around. Okay, so here on XEscorts we are a little bit more open minded, but that isn’t going to stop us from clamming up. Thankfully, there are plenty of courses that you can join online, where you get helpful video instruction to guide you through each technique. Some even brag that they can teach you to make anyone woman squirt. If you are going to brave a course, read up on it first to make sure it is all it is cracked up to be. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on a dud course!

What do you think? Is the best way to learn by doing, or are sex courses actually a brilliant idea for those needing more confidence in bed?

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