The Worst Questions To Ask During Sex!

October 14, 2018

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When it comes to sex, there are certain things that you shouldn’t say to your partner, especially not during the act. Obviously bringing up the topic of nuclear physics is going to kill the mood somewhat, but during sex there are also some awful questions people have a tendency to ask.

Unsure which are the worst questions people might ask during sex? I’ve put together some of the worst questions to ask during sex, both from experience and from the suggestions given in the XEscorts offices. Enjoy!

“What are you thinking about?”

When I am in the middle of having amazing sex, I can’t really tell you what is on my mind. I imagine that I am totally focused on the pleasure that I am feeling, or perhaps I am thinking about the best way to make my partner feel good.

Asking your partner what they are thinking about might not be such a good idea

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Yet there have been times when I’ve been asked “so, what are you thinking right now?”. It’s a pretty good way to kill the mood during sex, because the chances are that you are thinking about sex. If you answer with anything else, that’s the mood dead.

“What’s the time?”

There’s a time and a place for these kinds of conversations. If you are out in the street, for example, with no watch or phone to tell you the time. However, asking your partner “what time is it?” during sex is not likely to go down well at all.

Any questions about the time are indications to wrap it up

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If the gif above didn’t make it obvious, it is a clear indication to your partner that you want to end it. You want it to be over because you’ve got places to go to. Your mind isn’t focused on the sex at all, because you have other plans. Not a good start.

“Are you almost done?”

On the lines of checking the time, you should never rush your partner to reach orgasm. Not only does it put them under a lot of pressure, but it also shows that you don’t really appreciate the effort that they are putting into sex.

There is no clearer indication to your partner that you want it to end than this question

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An ex told me that their previous partner liked to ask if they were almost done with it. They weren’t interested in sex and simply went through the motions to try and satisfy their partner. If you don’t enjoy it, take the time to talk to your partner instead of just grinning and bearing it.

“How does my cock compare?

A sexual relationship I had ended because of this question. It is one of the worst questions out there because you are asking for details that you really shouldn’t demand from your partner. “Is my cock as big as your ex’s?” is not a great conversation starter… especially during sex.

Don't compare yourself to others

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There are so many reasons that you shouldn’t ask. For example, it isn’t your place to ask for these details. If they volunteer them then it is a different matter entirely. Another big reason you shouldn’t ask if because you might not like the answer. What if they had a bigger and more beautiful penis?

“Is that the best you’ve ever had?”

This works on a similar line as the above questions, but it is another of the worst questions which seems to get asked repeatedly by people. They are curious to know how they compare… and not just in terms of the size of their cock.

One of the worst questions you can ask is if you are the best they've had. You likely won't like the answer

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I have been asked before if my partner at the time was a better lover than my ex. Given that it was our first sexual encounter and they had assumed that birth control wasn’t something they needed to think about, they didn’t like my blunt answer.

“Did you cum?”

Of all of the questions that I have listed, this is one that you shouldn’t ask at all. “Did you cum?” is by far one of the worst questions… and for a very good reason.

This is the best way to put pressure on your partner

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You’ll ask this question for one of two reasons, and the main one is that you want to hear “yes”. It’s a good way to get your partner faking orgasms if you expect them to reach orgasm. If you hear a “no”, the best thing to do is to ask what you can do to help in the future. Just don’t sulk.

The worst questions to ask

There are so many awful questions people might be tempted to ask during sex. They think they want to know the answer, but the reality is that they only want certain answers. So if you aren’t ready for a negative answer, don’t ask!

What are the worst questions you’ve heard or even asked during sex? Share them with us by leaving a comment in the box below.

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