Tinder Backfires For Wannabe Romeo!

June 17, 2014

I have to say, I have never been on a dating site. Seven years ago, they were seen as being for losers who couldn’t get a partner ‘the normal way’. I then got with my girlfriend (who I am still with today) so the revolution of the dating industry into an online phenomenon really passed me by.

However, that doesn’t stop me finding the story of Joshua absolutely hilarious.

A Bad Move

Joshua, seemingly from Boston, decided it was a good idea to send a generic ‘Hey gorgeous : ) what’s up?’ message to 32 women on Tinder. Apparently he didn’t know, or didn’t care that all the other other women could see the message sent to the other 21 ‘lucky ladies’.

How to make a lady feel special Joshua!

Well obviously it didn’t take the ladies long to jump on him, and not in the way he would have wanted, sending him numerous abusive messages.

One said: “omg hahahaha what an idiot”.

Another added: “I’d rather drag a dull blunt object across my throat than get a drink with Joshua after this”.

No Getting Himself Out Of Trouble

Joshua made many attempts to try and get himself out of trouble, to no avail. He explained that he ‘didn’t have time to send them all individual messages’, and even offered the girls a drink at the bar he claimed to work at.

Bad luck Joshua. If you are ever in Sweden, we recommend you stay off Tinder and stick to visiting Stockholm escorts. They aren’t looking for one guy to treat them special; they are merely looking for someone to treat them well during the appointment.

And they certainly won’t make you a figure of ridicule on the internet!

It’s a no-brainer for me!

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