Tips For Beating Six Minute Sex

September 23, 2015

The average time for sex to last is six minutes. That’s it. Six minutes. Most researchers have agreed on that, and we aren’t happy with that fact. Six minutes is the time that you might put a meal in the microwave for to heat it up, not how long sex should last! Yet there are so many factors as to why sex might last that long that it is hard to make it last that little bit longer.

Whether you are been diagnosed as having premature ejaculation problems or you are simply hoping to make those six minutes stretch a little bit longer, here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at the ways that you can beat six minute sex. Who knows, you might even get yourself into double digits and give your partner one hell of a satisfying orgasm along the way!

Over too soon? Don’t beat yourself up about it

When the fun ends a little too soon, it can be really disheartening. Your partner might look upset or bothered about it, and so you will be too. Yet the problem tends not to lie in the fact that the fun has ended before it should have, but that you are getting so annoyed and irritated by it. An ex I had would struggle with lasting longer and, when he didn’t quite go for as long as he was hoping for, he’d beat himself up about it and make himself feel worse for it.

If you want to overcome this obstacle, you need to stop doing that. Enough people put you down without you doing it to yourself, and the more worked up you get over it, the more likely it is to happen again in the future.

Try to teach yourself to just let go and relax. If it hasn’t gone the way you wanted, just shrug your shoulders and go “next time will be better” and figure out something else you can do to keep your partner happy.

Relaxing is very important. If you find that you are too tense, maybe ask your partner for a massage? It is a great way to ease the tension in your body so that you can just enjoy the moment, and you can use the opportunity to tell your partner how you are feeling. The chances are that they will try to understand and make you feel better about it.

Manage your expectations

Okay, so really we want sex to last a long time. In fact, plenty of us wish we could go all night long (thanks Lionel Richie), but we find that we get too tired or simply can’t live up to the ridiculous expectations we have set for ourselves.

In fact, Keith Ablow of Fox News surveyed fans back in 2007 and found that 80% of women and men were hoping for sex that would last half an hour. They wanted to outdo the sitcom that might be on in the background so that they could have passionate sex.

Of course, lasting for half an hour isn’t a realistic goal, especially not when so much research tells us that, actually, six minutes is more likely. Instead of getting annoyed that you aren’t a stud who can last that long, you need to manage your expectations.

Don’t use porn as a guide. Instead, start to use pleasure. If your partner is moaning and groaning, with their body shaking as they orgasm, you don’t need to worry about how long you last. Instead, work on how intense things are between you and whether you have a good time together.

Make foreplay a big part of your sex routine

Foreplay is a very fun part of sex, and sometimes it can be a good way to get your partner warmed up and ready for sex so that, when the action gets underway, you don’t find things finishing before your partner can have their fun.

Many see foreplay as something to simply pass the time until their hot and sexy woman goes “okay, let’s have sex now”, but you can actually use it to help get them to orgasm.

Start with slow and gentle strokes with your fingertips all over their body. This will get goose bumps rising everywhere and their senses will be heightened. As they lie before you enjoying the feeling of your fingers running up and down, start to plant kisses on their body and work your way closer to their pussy.

Lick your tongue slowly along their wet pussy lips and teasingly around their clit. Maybe even put your lips around their clit and gently suck to see what happens? You could even slide your fingers into their cunt, but whatever you do, remember that foreplay is still a big part of your sex life that you should be using to get your partner off before the action happens.

Take a break

A break when the action gets a little too intense is a great way to bring yourself back from the edge of orgasm. You might feel like it is cheating, but it actually gives you the chance to relax and calm down, especially if you use your break to change position.

Sometimes those few seconds might be all that you need and you can get straight back to it. If you find that is the case, go for a position that you partner really loves. It might help them get to orgasm before the action is over, and they will enjoy it all so much more for that.

If that time isn’t long enough, go back to foreplay. See how close you can get your partner to orgasm while your body comes back from the edge. Try to get them right on the brink before you go back to fucking them, and you might end up climaxing together.

Why not share your favourite tips for beating six minute sex in the comments?

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