Tongue Tricks To Help With Oral Sex

September 9, 2016

Tongue Tricks To Help With Oral Sex

When it comes to oral sex, it can be difficult to figure out what works for your partner. The worst part is that you might cycle through all of your knowledge as quickly as possible, leading to a very tired and aching tongue! Definitely not what you want when you are trying to show her the tongue tricks you’ve got.

A tired tongue is one of the worst things that you could have happen during oral sex. When your tongue gets too tired to carry on, you might leave your partner unhappy that you didn’t get them to orgasm. Not sure what to do? Here on the XEscorts blog we take a look at some of the tongue tricks you can do to help make oral sex last longer.

Keep your tongue in your mouth

Think about what you are doing when your tongue gets really tired during oral. The chances are that you are taking your tongue out of your mouth and honing it into a fine point to lick at her clit. This is where the problem starts.

By stretching your tongue our of your mouth, you are straining it. This means that, as time goes by, you are going to find that your tongue gets very tired very quickly. So after a few minutes, you are going to feel too tired to continue.

Instead, leave your tongue in your mouth. This is going to help stop the ache in your tongue. You need to move your entire body to the right position to make her feel good. Really get your head stuck in there and you will notice a huge different.

Relax your tongue

One of the big mistakes that people often make when it comes to oral sex is that they make their tongue stiff and hard, or they will constantly flick it back and forth. This is going to very quickly tire you out and make it hard to keep up the pace.

If you want to learn one of the biggest tongue tricks of all, you’ll need to learn to relax. Relaxing will allow you to really press your tongue up against her clit, and save you a lot of energy. Instead of constantly flicking your tongue back and forth, you can just wiggle it slowly across, keeping it on their clit for longer.

Use your head, not your tongue

Now, slowly wiggling your tongue back and forth can help to save your tongue from aching a little, but it can still hurt and ache after a little while. That is why, instead of using your tongue, you should be using your head.

If you have followed our early tip and have got your head really stuck into her pussy, you might not even need to wiggle your tongue. You can simply start by slowly shaking your head with your tongue pressed hard against her clit. It will let you touch her in all of the ways that she is hoping you will, and will save your tongue from hurting. This means that you can keep going for longer. This has to be one of the best tongue tricks you can have at your disposal.

Sucking works too!

Okay, so we might be cheating here by telling you some great tongue tricks to use and then putting one in that doesn’t use your tongue, but it’ll help you get her to orgasm with oral sex, which is what you want, right?

If you find that your tongue is starting to ache, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Pull your tongue back inside of your mouth and gently suck on her clit. For some ladies this might be a little too much, as the clit is very sensitive, but you’ll have to experiment. Some absolutely love it, and at the right time it can tip them over the edge.

Practice your tongue tricks!

The key to getting good at anything in the bedroom is to keep at it. If you practice enough, you’ll find that you get better at figuring out what works for you partner and what really makes her squeal. It also helps if you really love oral, as you could happily spend all of your time down there.

Looking for some other great tongue tricks to try? Check the comments and see what others like you have to say. They might have some amazing suggestions that you are dying to try.

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