The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex!

September 8, 2014

Anal sex is definitely makes it to the top of the fantasy list for most men. But for women, they say anal sex is a little like marmite – you either love it or you hate it. It can be a bit of a taboo subject in some circles, or completely mandatory part of enjoying sex for others. For those among you who want to try it but aren´t sure of how exactly to go about it, here is the complete guide to enjoying anal sex in the best possible way.

Talk about it

The subject may have already cropped up, but chances are you have thought about trying it, but don’t quite how to get your significant other on board. Talking it through may alleviate some fears and make her feel more relaxed about giving it a go, many women want to try it out of curiosity and then end up really enjoying it. Being open about sexual preferences and fantasies is the best way to enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship. One woman on a recent chat forum said- “I was so anti anal sex but my boyfriend took it slow with me and now I want it all the time.” Most men would consider that the jackpot!

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Anal sex is most enjoyed when prepared for. You may think that this could be a passion killer to prepare and not be able to be spontaneous, but for the reasons anal sex can be off-putting, preparation is key. Most people get put off by the idea of anal sex and it needs to be said, anal sex is not how pornography often portrays it, you need to put effort in to get it to that level of enjoyment. Websites all over the world, including the site amazon sell anal douches, even, somewhat amazingly, portable ones which a woman can carry in her bag. It consists of a stream of water passing through the canal to clean out the rectum, making it clean for anal sex fun. The can be bought for under £10 and come in lots of different sizes. Chat forums talking about anal sex show that there are other alternatives, such as self-cleaning with a shower head and gentle soaps.

Creams and Lubricants

Lubricants are an absolute must, remember in anal sex natural lubricant is not secreted, also seeing as it is such a sensitive and smaller hole, the more lubricant the better is suggested. A lot of women can be scared of the pain of anal sex and can be put off by the thought of it. Most women would agree though it always hurts at first but gets better in time. Ann Summers have a special lubricant for anal sex called ‘Booty Rub’, this is not only perfect because it provides very good ease on entry, but it has a certain numbing effect, a little like anaesthetic cream, which helps the pain. Other creams such as baby oil, massage oil are useful too.


There are plenty of fun toys on the market to make anal sex just that little bit more interesting. There are training anal dildos, which can help a woman train her anal opening to be more able to experience anal sex. These can be bought in the form of anal bullets from Ann Summers, small dildos, like practice toys. There are also larger anal dildos and bedroom playthings such as anal beads, women agree these are very pleasurable, it’s a stick with balls which go up in size and inserted into the anal opening. Many men report back this is very arousing, inserting the toys in preparation for anal sex. Butt plugs are also a favourite, they can be inserted during normal sex, which many women agree makes their orgasm much more intense.


Now we’ve shared the best products to prepare for anal sex let’s get down to the nitty gritty. There are a few positions to experiment with, these include the doggy style position. Some woman say that this is the typical, most arousing anal sex position. Another is spooning, lying side by side, which is recommended for a woman’s first time, as a woman can keep control of the thrusts more. Other is woman on top anal, and also lying opposite and each other and the man easing himself in from there, this is considered one of the less intense positions.

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Ok, I know it’s not sexually stimulating to talk about risks but it’s good to know what you’re dealing with. Don’t be fooled – you can still catch STIs from anal sex, so make sure you wear a condom, things like herpes can be passed back and forth. Thinking of enjoying vaginal and anal sex at the same time? Sexual health nurses suggest that you should stick to one area, the risk of getting Bacterial Vaginosis and Thrush multiply when you practice this, or swap condoms with each opening. Woman undeniably get scared of losing the elasticity of their anus through lots of anal sex, but sexual health professionals agree prolapsed anuses are very rare. Although there is a trend right now of stretching the anus, this is dangerous and best left to the professionals! Don’t try to stretch or do your anus any unnecessary harm, keep it gentle.

Anal sex may just be the best experience you’ve ever had and could be your woman’s new obsession, both men and women agree their orgasms are much more intense during anal sex. Keep it slow, respectful and to her liking if it’s her first time, and add some fun bedroom accessories to put your own spin on it. Bon Apetit!

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