Is This Virtual Reality Game Dangerous?

September 5, 2014

I usually have quite strong opinions on the way women are portrayed in society, and female safety in general. However, when it comes to the hullabaloo over the Sony Playstation game ‘Summer Lesson’, I am finding myself totally torn.

It was showcased during a press conference in which Sony revealed more information about Project Morpheus, the company’s upcoming and much anticipated virtual reality headset.

Possible Misuse

However, the game gives you the ability to enter a schoolgirls bedroom, as well as focus on the student’s chest and skirt, which is seen as extremely controversial.

Well, I understand that this could look dodgy. There are plenty of unpleasant guys who would misuse this kind of game. Should they really be given an excuse to play out their perverted fantasies? The obvious answer seems no

Still, I remember when there was a flight simulation game in 2001 (which had been issued before the September 11th) and there was a kick off because people had been flying their plane into the World Trade Center. At the risk of maybe simplifying things, if people want to abuse a game they will. It probably isn’t for the game companies to work out which sick ways their products can be used.

The Role-play Debate

There is also the big debate when the Manchester escorts engage in role-play encounters. Many guys like the schoolgirl fantasy. Does that make them dodgy, or is fantasy, fantasy and reality, reality?

What do you all think? Leave your opinions in the comments section below on this extremely divisive issue.

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