What Makes Men Send Unsolicited Dick Pics?

December 21, 2018

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Where would we be without phones and the internet? Well, we’d probably be sitting in the bathroom, reading the backs of shampoo bottles and pretending we know what half of the ingredients are. The internet has given us access to everything we could ever hope for, and phones mean that this information is portable. Yet instead we use it to look at funny memes and occasionally send dick pics.

What is it that fills men with the desire to send pictures of their penis to others? Why do they send unsolicited dick pics? I take a look at what might drive someone to send that naughty nude.

A misunderstanding of desires

There are times when we love getting pictures from people we are sexting. It turns us on, especially if they hint at how horny they are. They can really enhance our mood and make us desperate to fuck. However, we usually ask for them because we are already a little turned on.

A number of unsolicited dick pics come as the result of a misunderstanding of desires. People believe that sending a picture of their cock is going to instantly turn someone on and make them wet. This isn’t usually the case. If someone asks for a picture it is because they are already turned on and want a nice visual to go with their fantasies.

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Getting straight to the point

Most people don’t like to beat about the bush. They want to get straight to the point and make their intentions known, which is why someone might send a picture of their cock. They are making what they want obvious in the hopes that someone might go for it.

It’s like putting a message out on social media asking “anyone down to fuck?”. Sometimes you’ll get a response, and it isn’t always the response you were hoping for. By targetting certain people, the men have better control over who might say yes… even though many decide to say no to this direct approach.

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Peacocks on parade

We like to show off. I know that, when I’m looking and feeling good, I’ll take more pictures of myself to share with others. I want others to see me at my best and admire me because I’m vain like that. In a way, it is a similar theory when it comes to sending dick pics.

Men want to show off their peacock. They want to send a picture of their cock into the great unknown and get comments back responding to its splendour. They hope to impress. If they impress, they might get laid. It’s like penguins searching for the perfect pebble for their mate… but it’s their dick instead.

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It gives them a thrill

Sending nudes is thrilling and exciting. No-one can deny that. The fact that someone else is looking at your body and getting turned on turns us on. It is one hell of a rush that makes us feel on top of the world, so why wouldn’t we do it?

Probably because unsolicited dick pics usually refer to the unwanted ones. But sometimes even this gives people a thrill. Being outrageous and out there can be a huge turn on for people. We get turned on by sex in public because we could get caught, whereas dick pics usually get an immediate response. Not always the response you might hope for, but it’s something!

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Rejection doesn’t feel as personal

I am one of those people who hates talking on the phone. I’d rather contact people in other ways, because it gives me more time to think and it feels safer. If I say something that they don’t agree with, their rejection doesn’t feel quite as personal because it isn’t face-to-face.

It’s the same with dick pics. If someone sends a dick pic to you and you tell them to “fuck off” in the politest way you can, it doesn’t seem quite so harsh. It’s still a rejection but it doesn’t feel as intense. It is easier for the sender to take as a result.

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It’s so easy to do

Most people with smartphones have apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat. It makes it ridiculously easy to stay in contact with people, and the latter is pretty much made for sending nudes. No-one can take a screenshot without you getting a notification, which is an effective deterrent to make sure your pictures stay private.

It is so easy to send dick pics or nudes. I’ve done it a few times with my fuck buddies. The fact that it is so easy is part of the appeal. Just a quick snap and their cock is out there for others to admire. No wonder it is so tempting to people!

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Don’t send unsolicited dick pics

There are so many different reasons why someone might be tempted to send unsolicited dick pics to others, and I haven’t even covered all of them! There are so many more I could talk about, but I’m going to end by saying this: if you want to send a dick pic without asking for permission, don’t.

As someone who has been on the receiving end of unsolicited dick pics I can tell you that it does you absolutely no favours. It is a huge turn off. If I’m in the mood to see your cock, I’ll ask for it. If I haven’t asked it is because I don’t want to see it. So keep it to yourself and wait until asked before you start snapping.

Still not convinced? Here’s an article complete with a video saying why you need to stop sending dick pics. So please… put the phone away.

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