When Will You Have Your Best Orgasms?

April 3, 2018

Young couple having sex with woman in ecstasy- shoot with lensbaby

They say that with age comes wisdom, and this seems particularly prevalent when it comes to sex. As we gain more experience in the bedroom, we acquire more skills to tease and turn our partners on. We can make them feel good thanks to our experience, and hopefully give them the best orgasms they’ve ever had.

Young couple having sex with woman in ecstasy- shoot with lensbaby

However, a recent study has suggested that your best orgasms might actually just come with age. The older you are, the better sex you’ll be getting. Is this true? And if it is true, at what age should you expect to have the most mind-blowing sex?

With age comes better sex

The study comes from Natural Cycles, the natural contraceptive site. They wanted to take a closer look at the sex lives of women to determine just how it changes over time, and how this might have an impact on other areas of their lives.

Although it wasn’t a huge study, a large number of women still took part. They spoke to over 2,000 women about their sex lives, dividing them into three groups. There was the under 23 group, the between 23 and 36 group, and the 36 and over group.

They wanted to know just how certain aspects of sex and our personalities might change over time. They asked about everything, from orgasms to self confidence and enjoyment during sex. After all, sex should be enjoyable for all of us, and they didn’t want to shy away from any aspect of sex.

Cameron Diaz is in her 40s and is still a sex icon for many

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The findings of the study

In the past, a lot of women have been lead to believe that their sexual peak is in their twenties. Once you read your thirties we assume that it is all downhill from here. After all, how can we have mind-blowing sex when we are apparently past our prime?

It turns out that these assumptions are incorrect. This latest study from Natural Cycles suggests that those over the age of 36 have the best orgasms of their lives. This isn’t all that they discovered. Interestingly, those in their late 30s stated that they had more orgasms and that their orgasms were more enjoyable.

It seems that being 36 and over is great, because you feel more attractive and have a better enjoyment of sex. On the other hand, the 23 to 36 age group confessed that they weren’t happy with their looks, showing that they were the least confident in their own skin. It seems that being older has a huge number of benefits!

Age can be better when it comes to amazing sex

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Why is being older better?

There is this assumption that amazing sex belongs to those under the age of 30. This study just goes to show that this isn’t the case… but why is it better to be older when it comes to amazing sex and our best orgasms?

It is all about experience. The chances are that you’ll have had more sex and therefore more sexual partners by the time you reach your late thirties. This means you have more experience. You’ll have taken the time to get to know what you like during sex, which positions work for you, and the kinky things that you like the most.

Best of all, you’ll have the confidence to ask for it. A lot of young people find that they are too scared to talk about sex with their partner. They might be worried about the response that they get, or fear that their partner might not like being told what to do. But sex is all about enjoyment and pleasure, and if you can’t ask for what you want, how else are you going to get it? Your partner isn’t a mind reader, and it takes the complication out of it by just telling them.

Older women have better sex. Here's why

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Getting your best orgasms

You might have read the results of this study and gone “well I guess I’ll just have to have awful sex until I’m 36”. This isn’t the case. In fact, we can all learn a lesson from the women over 36 in order to enjoy the best orgasms of our lives.

We need to take the time to get to know ourselves sexually. We should figure out what it is that we like, what turns us on, and what makes us feel good. We can then tell our partner this. Being upfront and honest about sex is a great thing to do, and can help to lead to a healthy sex life.

Being open to experimentation is a good idea too. I consider myself a try-sexual, in that I will try anything once. The worst thing that could happen from trying something new is that you don’t like it. The best? You discover a new kink that you never thought you’d explore before. Is that such a bad thing?

Your best sex might just come with age

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Do you agree?

I feel like I’ve had some great orgasms throughout my years of having sex, but were they my best orgasms? I’m not too sure. Only time will tell, and I’m hoping that my sex life continues to be amazing as I get older.

Do you agree that we have our best orgasms when we are over the age of 36? Is that a realistic figure, or do you believe your best sex was in your youth? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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