Why Brothels Are Actually Safer For All

November 6, 2015

Brothels have a pretty poor reputation in the media. Whenever you hear about them, it is so that the newspapers can cheer that yet another one has been shut down. They are always thought to be home to women forced to work in this life, who have been trafficked in from other countries and forced to sell their bodies and souls to make a little bit of money that will then be taken from them. It’s all very doom and gloom and we rarely hear about the positives of working in a brothel.

In reality, brothels are actually a lot safer and better to work in, but it isn’t simply creating a safe environment for the sex workers. The clients are also made to feel safe, and when the two consenting adults involved both feel safe and happy, they tend to have a better time than those who feel as though they have to constantly check over their shoulders for danger lurking. Here on the XEscorts blog, we take a look at why brothels might actually be safer and better for everyone.

The usual arguments against

Bringing up brothels when talking to someone is a sure-fire way to make what was a pleasant conversation into an argument. Everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion on brothels, mainly because the media tells us that they are dark and dangerous places that we really should avoid. After all, how many times have you heard about an “illegal brothel” filled with “sex trafficking victims” being shut down in the media?

Even if you didn’t start talking about brothels, simply talking about decriminalisation and how that is the right way to help sex workers will have them brought up. “You think decriminalisation is the way to go? Clearly you don’t know about the mega brothels in Germany.”

If you don’t know anything about the mega brothels, let us summarise it for you. Back in 2002, Germany legalised the selling of sex. Since then, the sex industry has boomed in the country, and is worth over 15 billion euros a year. The mega brothels are the brothels that are around 12 storeys high… imagine how many sex workers that means!

However, there is one key difference. Decriminalisation and legalisation are two different things. Yes, people might use them interchangeably, but they aren’t. Legalisation means that the sex industry in Germany is regulated. They have laws that say where, when, and how it can happen, which is why these mega brothels have sprung up. They fit the laws in place.

Decriminalisation is when all laws that prohibit the selling or purchasing of sex are removed, and law-enforcement officials cannot intervene unless other laws apply. In countries like Australia, the laws change from state to state, but many of them have decriminalised it and noticed that sex workers seem to be safer. Brothels can actually be some of the best places for sex workers.

Safe for the sex workers

Brothels are a safe environment for many different reasons. For a start, they do often say “safety in numbers”, and that is the case here. In a brothel you will find a huge number of different sex workers all working under the same roof.

In many countries, sharing a building with another sex worker that you don’t even know about is classed as a brothel. The powers that be would prefer that sex workers work alone, which puts them at risk. If there are others around, they are less likely to be attacked or robbed, and they aren’t as vulnerable. But they don’t like this idea. Instead, they want them alone because, if they do work with someone else, there will also be a pimp there controlling them, right?

We know that this isn’t the case. There have been plenty of studies throughout the years to show that, actually, the majority of escorts are working independently. However, while they are working independently, they will also tell you that they don’t feel safe on their own. They feel at risk of being attacked by a dangerous client and often feel that they would be treated poorly by the police.

Brothels mean that there are others there to help you out, if you need it, and the fact that most would not enter such a busy environment meaning to harm or try to rob any of the sex workers there makes it that little bit safer.

Client safety

As a client, you will know how nerve racking it can be to go to a new location to meet a new escort. You worry that the sex worker won’t be all they promise when you get there, and when you do there is nothing stopping them from deciding that, actually, they will keep your money and offer you a poor service.

In a brothel you know exactly what you are getting, and the sex workers usually go through a strict process to ensure they live up to their reputations. This keeps the client safer in the knowledge that their money is being spent wisely, and that they are going to get exactly what they are paying for.

Not only that, but you get a huge range of choice. You don’t simply have to visit the same sex worker if you don’t want to, and you might discover something you never thought you’d enjoy before! You also feel safe in the knowledge that you aren’t the only client there, so it feels less dirty and wrong than sneaking off to an apartment and waiting for someone to buzz you in.

Brothels are definitely the better option, especially when you look at picking a sex worker off the street. For a start, the streets aren’t safe for the sex worker either, but as a client you might encounter people more than happy to sneakily look through your pockets while you are otherwise occupied, and with so many worried about what happens on the streets, you don’t really get as much time to discuss the finer details as you would like to do. In a brothel you get the time to sit down and discuss things properly.

What is your opinion on brothels? Are brothels a good idea and a good way to keep all involved safe, or is it just not that simple?

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