Why Do Men Masturbate More Than Women?

June 18, 2018

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There seems to be this belief that, when it comes to masturbation and sex, men are at it, or at least thinking about it, more than women. Sex and masturbation aren’t things that women should enjoy, and so naturally men masturbate more.

A recent study has found that men do masturbate more than women, but what does this actually mean? Why is it that men jerk off more? Is there something in biology to dictate it, or is there something else?

What the study found

The health and beauty retailer Superdrug likes to conduct surveys regularly to find out more about the lives of those using their stores. There have been plenty throughout the years, but this one in particular looks at how frequently we masturbate.

It was only a small survey, asking 900 Europeans and Americans about their masturbation habits. They found that around 96% of men interviewed were happy to admit to masturbating. Women, however, were more modest, with only 88% saying they did it.

They also looked at the amount of time we spend with our hands down our pants. It seems that women masturbate for around 27 hours in total throughout the year. That doesn’t seem like much. Men, however, are at it for 46 hours by comparison.

Masturbation is still a big deal it seems

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The theory is…

If you read the survey, you’ll see that they have a theory on just why there is this difference between the genders and how much masturbation we enjoy. They state that some studies “suggest women start to masturbate later in life compared to men”.

This is, apparently, because of a difference in our sex drives. There is this idea that men jerk off and desire sex more than women. How many times have you heard someone claim that men think about sex every six seconds?

It is a commonly held belief, and as a result one that many people think is true. The problem is that a lot of studies supporting this idea are actually small scale, so we haven’t really got a good idea of the differences.

It's okay to masturbate as long as you don't talk about it

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In truth?

It seems that this idea that men think of sex more because they have a higher sex drive is a load of rubbish. Lorrae Bradbury spoke out about this issue, telling us that “men’s and women’s sex drives are relatively equal”, going on to add that “sex drive varies more within the sexes than between them”.

If that is the case, then why is it that men are masturbating more than women are? The answer, it seems, is simple. “It’s more socially acceptable for men to act on their desires”, Bradbury explains. She then states that “if it were acceptable for both sexes to express their sexuality, our sex drives would appear more equal”.

Basically, there is still a taboo around masturbation in general, but more so female masturbation. The idea of us having sex or even choosing to masturbate for pleasure isn’t something society is ready to accept. Why? What is so bad about wanting to jerk off?

Self service is another way to refer to masturbation

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Women masturbate too!

I’m happy to admit that I masturbate regularly. Depending on my mood, it can vary between twice a week to every single day. I also know that my female flat mate masturbates, because we talk about these things. In our house, it’s acceptable to talk about these things.

In general society, it isn’t such a good thing. Sex should stay behind closed doors, and talking about it just makes you appear common rather than classy.

Do you feel that there is still a taboo surrounding masturbation? Is it more acceptable for men to jerk off than it is for women? Let us know what you think about this by commenting in the box below.

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