Why Millions of Women LOVE Sexting

August 13, 2018

Woman looking at phone in bed

In the modern technological era, it is fair to say that sexting is becoming more and more popular. Whatever platform is used, be it Facebook, or more likely Snapchat, more and more people are getting their jollies via their smartphone.

Surprising to many is the fact women are extremely interested in it, possibly even more so than men. But why is this?

Before we start, we are not talking about you sending unsolicited dick pictures. This is about words, and maybe a naughty photo later in the action, if requested. It also isn’t ‘I am horny, show me your tits’, which isn’t actually sexting, and instead just sounds on the sleazy side.

So, without much further ado, here are some major reasons women like sexting.

Women are Fantasy Driven

More-so than men, women are fantasy driven. This means that words and imagining sexual scenarios can be very stimulating indeed. If you want to talk about something you have never done before, here is the perfect opportunity.

It is Private

Sexting is (or should be at least) something between just the two of you. This will give her the chance to open up more than she may do in a group situation.

This is perfect when you are just starting out with someone. It means she can be extra naughty, without people thinking she is a ‘slut’.

No Pressure

You get the chance to flirt in a more relaxed way, without any societal pressure getting in the way. This gives them the chance to open more, which can create a much more intense experience.

They Can Control The Pace

One of the ways this is different to flirting person to person is that they can control the pace. Look at it this way, if you make someone wait for five minutes for an answer during a conversation in the real world you just look really rude. In the sexting world, you can let someone wait for five minutes, really building up the anticipation. On the other hand, you can do quick-fire messages which look to push them over the edge. Either way, it can be the woman’s decision.

If you want to know what to say and what not to say, my colleague Lara Mills did a fantastic piece on that particular conundrum which will be of use I imagine.

There are certainly a lot of fun times ahead when you get sexting.

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