Woman Jailed After False Rape Claim

February 25, 2015

Here at XEscorts, we have always been big supporters of women (and men) who are involved in sexual or violent attacks getting justice. We all know that it is hard to get that justice, as sexual offences are hard to prove. Far from most rapists being John Duffy’s type characters turning up at your local train station, most rapes take place between people who know each other, and lack the physical evidence that is there when you are up against a beast in a balaclava.

Awful Story

This is why a story like this angers me so much. A woman has been jailed for 14 months after being caught out lying about being raped by an ex-boyfriend.

Pauline Muir made the accusation which led to the guy being locked up on remand for seven weeks, before he was released on bail. However, she was in for a shock when it transpired that the accused man had filmed the event, and in doing so, proved that the whole encounter was consensual.

It appears that Muir got upset after she was ‘duped’ into having sex with her, who after their sexual escapade, made it clear they weren’t getting back together.

Sarah Allen, prosecuting, said the pair had been in a relationship which came to an end. The man wanted to get some items returned, but failed despite the involvement of the police.

“He decided to get the items back by pretending they were rekindling their relationship. He made an arrangement to arrive at her home in the early hours. She was under the impression he would be staying.

“They engaged in a consensual sexual act, but he thought there might be repercussions and decided to record it,” said Miss Allen.

The pair later began to argue when he said he was leaving her, with him calling her unpleasant names like ‘dumb bitch’ and ‘mad bitch’.

A False Accusation

A few days later, she made the complaint to the police, saying she had been raped.

Muir sent him 200 texts and he replied seven times. “On December 1, she contacted him, saying she would get him into trouble for driving matters,” said Miss Allen. Muir also falsely claimed he had made her pregnant.

After the rape enquiry ended, the man said: “She could have destroyed my reputation and my life.

Unhappy man and woman

“It was a very depressing time during the case and while I was on bail. I had to take time off work. My [police] interview was very traumatic.

“She persistently continued to contact me and people I know. All I ever wanted was for her to leave me alone.”

Mitigating, Stuart Newsam stated that “This was a relationship the defendant found volatile, emotionally confusing and undermining.

“The injured party’s behaviour prior to the complaint was at least somewhat cynical, when the relationship as far as he was concerned was at an end.”

Muir looked after her mother as well as her son while also having a job as a care worker, Mr Newsam added.

However, Judge Hilary Watson wasn’t impressed by that argument.

“This is a serious perversion of the course of justice. It was a pre-planned, pre-meditated and wicked allegation to make.

“The audio on the recording shows it was entirely consensual and enjoyed by both parties.

“It is unacceptable to say you were emotionally confused at the time,” he added.

Disgusting Behaviour

Now, it has to be said; this is pretty shocking. Despite the guy seemingly having the morals of an alley cat, there is no excuse to try and get someone done for one of the most disgusting things imaginable.

Bar a few idiots on social media who seem to think she is justified, most of society realises this woman is out of order. However, I think it has other knock on effects. It is difficult enough for people to get justice, without creating a culture where people think that a significant proportion of rape allegations are made up by mad, malicious women. As much as there shouldn’t be a ‘presumption of guilt’ in these cases, we can’t have a ‘presumption of bullshit’ either.

Rape is a serious thing (believe it or not) and should never be used a a stick to beat someone with. The affects can be very damaging for men and women everywhere who really are the victim of serious assaults.

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