Woman Stripped Naked After Shoplifting!

October 30, 2014

It has to be said there are many different kinds of people I hate in this world. Killers, rapists and Manchester United fans obviously make the list, but I also have a complete loathing of thieves. Anyone who doesn’t want to go out an earn what they have and instead wants to steal it is beneath contempt in my opinion. This is why I found the following story coming out of China absolutely hilarious.
A female shoplifter was left red faced after being stripped down to her waist by the livid shop owner.

Stealing Clothes

The strange punishment was captured on camera by a passers-by in Wenzhou, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. It all went off after Yu Chung, 28, was caught stealing clothes.

Furious store owner Mei Hsueh, 39, later told police she was simply handing out a punishment, claiming that leaving the thief half naked would prevent her from legging it.

Mei said: “This thief was trying to steal my clothes to I took off some of hers.

“She’ll think twice before she does that again.”

“It was meant to be a warning to all those thieves out there to show them that not all shops are a pushover.”

Public Spectacle

At one point the young woman dropped to the floor and grabbed the legs of her tormentor, begging her to return her bra so she could cover herself from the crowd who had gathered to watch the spectacle.

Spokesman Chi Tuan said: “Yu has been charged with theft. No action is being taken against the shop owner.”

Now as I said at the start of this article, I found this quite funny. However, is public degradation of a suspected criminal actually acceptable? There is calling someone all names under the sun, but is stripping her bra off actually OK?

Conflicting Arguments

Look at it this way; it was a woman taking the shoplifter’s top and it seems to be accepted by the Chinese police. However, what would it be like if a guy had taken the woman’s bra off? Would it be treated differently? Would you be giving a green light to perverts if you allowed this sort of stuff?

One problem with vigilante justice, and probably the main reason I don’t want to see it on the streets of England is the fact that people can get it so wrong. Yes this woman appears to be as guilty as sin, but you can see this going totally wrong in different circumstances.

Just picture the scenario. A shopkeeper is half paying attention and thinks a woman is nicking their produce. She gets stripped naked and it turns out that she has done nothing wrong. Not only will the woman be totally humiliated and likely suffer serious mental issues, she will have an absolutely stunning case to sue the shopowner for everything they possess.

Funny, but Probably Not RightDo you think this woman should have been stripped leaving her breasts exposed for all the world to see? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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