Woman Tricks Reddit Pervs With ‘Boob Selfie’

October 31, 2014

We all know that most of the guys on Reddit are perverts. There is a reason that the ‘Fappening’, where numerous naked pictures of celebrities were leaked, was released on there. To be fair, it is all a little bit too slimy for me. That’s why I found this story coming from the site this week absolutely hilarious.

A woman was able to trick the Reddit mob into thinking that a picture she had posted was a ‘boob selfie’.

Reddit user poshpink330 posted the ‘cleavage snap’ to Reddit’s r/GoneWild.

50 Messages

After posting the pic she received over 50 messages from guys trying to get in her pants, including chat up lines such as “Looks so inviting! I hope someone is there to keep it occupied!” and “My god you have a stunning little body. I wish you were here in the hospital to keep me company.”

However it seemed the joke was on these guys as she gradually released new photos which showed that the ‘hot picture’ was actually her husband in his underpants. The original photo had merely been cleverly angled.

One suspects that gave the Reddit pervs a case of ‘wankers whiplash’.

PoshPink330 managed to trick everyone with this picture of her husband's ass

Original source: Mama Mia!

Poshpink330 posted later,

“My husband was flashing me his butt and his underwear looked like a bandeau bra…so I had to snap a pic…and we were giggling and talking about how much his butt looked like a rack and we mutually decided to post it…

“We didn’t expect to get 50 creepy messages in my inbox. I thought there would be two or three creepers. No…”

Poshpink also said it should act as a warning to other people.

“Just goes to show that you should think about what you send online.

“Whether you are the giving or receiving end.”

In all seriousness she had a point. Still, I certainly don’t feel that she was trying to make that point. I imagine this was purely an attempt to make the guys on Reddit look like idiots. If that was the plan, it was certainly very successful.

Were You Fooled?

So come on. Be honest, did you think this was a pair of boobies, or did you work out it was a guys backside? OK, I may have read the story before AFTER the picture had been posted but come on, are you really telling me this looks looks like a pair of knockers? I know most of the guys who trawl the pages of Reddit looking for dirty photos probably have never seen a real woman in the flesh, but come on, this is just plain ridiculous.

Let us know if you were tricked in the comments section below. If you were, then may I suggest visiting one of the fine escorts on our pages and stepping away from the computer!

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