Women Faking Orgasms – How Can You Tell?

September 26, 2014

The one thing women can most definitely do and men can’t is fake orgasms. Women know if a man is faking, the evidence is non-arguable. But a woman can fake as much and as many times as she likes often with her man being none the wiser. How can you tell a woman has faked it, we uncover the truth.

Extra Sensitive Clitoris

After a woman comes, her clitoris will be extra sensitive, even to the touch, if you touch it, it will make her body literally jump like you’ve sent an electric shock down her body. A way one man does to find out if her orgasm is real is when he slips himself out his body after sex, he rubs his fingers on her clitoris, if she jumps or moves it aside, he knows she has come.

Vaginal Contractions

A loud moan isn’t enough and most women know that. When women come, their vagina goes through a series of contractions, which in turn is very pleasurable for the man. Some women have learnt even to imitate the contractions when they pretend to come, but you can tell if she’s faking it, when she orgasms, the contractions are like beats that can be double beats and some strong, some weaker so they are difficult to fake, if you don’t feel her contracting, or contracting in a way that’s a little strange, chance are she’s faked it.

Look Into Her Eyes

When women come, they lose control of their eye movements, the ecstasy makes their eyes roll back in their head, if she’s trying to sell to you that she’s coming, but her eyes are straight ahead, you may have reason to be suspicious. Another sign is to look at her lips and cheeks, like women come, their lips get more engorged and redder and their cheeks get flushed and rouge. Where do you think the inspiration for makeup comes from?

The Aftermath

When you come you feel completely relaxed, like the life has been knocked out of you. Women feel this often more so, they will usually just lie there, while their heart rate regulates and feel encased in the warmth of their orgasm. Is she jumping out of bed or chatting incessantly instead? Chances are you haven’t given her that orgasm she just faked for you.

Confront her

Women know that faking orgasms is a slippery slope. Once you start you have to keep doing it to live up to the man’s expectations and its detrimental to the sex life of the both of you, you need to get to know each other’s bodies and what makes each other the most turned on. So if you suspect she’s faking, confront her, some women are ashamed to admit they need more attention and time to be able to orgasm, once you break the ice, you may find she’s been faking it for a while!

It may take a little time to be completely sure, but the chances are if you can spot a faker and resolve the matter, then your sex life will sky rocket once you are both honest about what makes you tick.

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