Why Do Women Like The Bad Boy?

March 19, 2014

How many of your friends openly acknowledge that they love bad boys? Boys, who do not care as to what other people think of them and are considered “risky” in the view of society. Let’s face it. Most women would generally say that all they want are nice guys who are sensitive, caring and fulfil their every fantasy. However, when you look around and enquire who they really like, the reality appears a lot different.

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There is so much talk about bad boys and them being indeed the type of guys who women really want. Does that mean you have to have a black Harley and a leather jacket to begin with? What about owning a hot rod and being a local hooligan who loves getting into fights at the slightest of pretexts? No, not really!

It is more about the fearless attitude that a bad boy has than the actions he takes. A fearless attitude does not necessarily mean someone who gets into a bar fight every day. That is not attractive to women. All that tells a woman is that type of guy is too immature to handle himself and uses fighting just to vent out lot of his negative emotions like anger and frustration. Simply put, that is downright unattractive and a turn off.

Bad Boy Behaviour Turn Women On

It is a known fact that women would always prefer an attractive personality to an attractive face. Bad guys have a personality that sparks powerful attraction and makes them so hard to resist. Following are some of the traits of bad boys that make them incredibly appealing to women:

Take Full Responsibility For Themselves:

Bad boys understand that they are first here to take care of themselves and next come others. Happiness begins with them. That is why they their own dreams, plans and will almost never compromise themselves for the sake of others. They assume full responsibility for what happens to them in their lives.


They Do Not Care Much About Other People’s Opinions:

There is a certain appeal to men who are very expressive of themselves. They are honest in telling people what they feel and will almost never compromise themselves to appease someone. They know that it is their own opinion that matters more than other people’s opinion. Perhaps, it is this attitude that really makes them a bad boy.

That is why you would find people who dress differently or are engaged in unique professions have a unique appeal to themselves. They hardly care what people might say and in fact do what their heart tell them to do. This not only makes them stand out but also so very attractive to the fairer sex.

They Do Not Wait For Approval Or Permission:

Who doesn’t love men who know what they want? Bad boys will almost never wait for permission to do something they want and will take up challenges in the blink of an eye. This quality gives them an aura of someone in control of himself and is decisive; something that all women love so much.

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Leader Of Men:

Women love men who are leaders. Men who do not wait for others to make decisions for them and in fact are more than willing to lead a group and make decisions for them. They are the leaders of their own lives and do what is required, irrespective of what other people might say or think. If they see a girl and want to talk to her, they do that. If they want a job, they go all out to get that.

Complete Independence And Honesty:

Bad boys are generally accused of being rude or insensitive. In reality, they are just speaking their mind and being completely honest about it. There is nothing sexy in hiding your views about something. When someone is very forthcoming about how he feels, it tells a woman that he does not need any one’s approval and is completely honest. More than that, it all shows that he is completely independent. This behaviour, generally classified as the bad boy behaviour, makes women go weak in the knees.

Bad Boys Know How to Talk to Women:

Bad boys are so confident that they exude that in every word they speak. Women sense that sense of confidence and are drawn towards that. They are smooth talkers who with words alone can guide women to a place where they too feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Bad Boys Ignite Femininity:

Bad boys are the epitome of masculinity. In the company of truly masculine men, women feel comfortable in expressing their feminine side. This in turn makes them feel connected to themselves and who they truly are. This process of discovery and realization sparks a strong emotion that makes women fall for the bad boys.

Bad Boys Give Women a Feeling of Power:

Bad boys are always in control and know what they really want. In their company, women too start feeling the same and that gives them a feeling of strength and power. And who does not love that feeling?

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For women, it is how a man makes them feel about themselves that is really important. Bad boys exude an air of confidence and superiority which in turn makes women feel the same. The decisive and leadership behaviour which is at the heart of a bad boy makes women feel safe in their presence.

All these and other traits spark an attraction that can almost never be replicated by a nice guy who trudges the safe path. It is perhaps of no wonder that you will always see women choose men who we call “bad boys”.

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