Women orgasm for 17 seconds longer with this trick

November 21, 2018

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Most of us are well aware that that sex toys help women orgasm. Hey, if they didn’t, the sex toys industry wouldn’t be a patch on what it is., which countless vibrators and dildos gratefully being snapped up by women young and old. However, quite surprisingly, research has shown just how good they are for the ladies out there.

This was all part of a Lovehoney study into the ‘science of sex’, and the results were very interesting.

An Interesting Study

The aim of the study was to find out what really happens when a woman approaches orgasm with a sex toy, and without one.

The results clearly found that a woman can orgasm FASTER and for 17 percent LONGER on average when she’s using a sex toy.

Now for the sciencey bit.

The brain patterns of 17 women were analysed by neuroscientists as they came and they saw that the women’s Alpha brainwave levels dramatically increased when a sex toy was used.

Dr Nicole Prause, who was leading the study, said: “Our original hypothesis was that the Happy Rabbit would bring women to orgasm quicker than manual masturbation.

“However, we found that women wanted to play, explore and enjoy their new toy, which resulted in a longer lasting sexual experience with broader physical sensations and more excitement than using their hand alone.”

17 seconds longer? I know the male and female orgasms are different, but that seems an incredible improvement. With those facts, I am amazed that every woman is using them.

Is This True?

Obviously, I hear the cry that if Lovehoney did the study, this may well be a ruse to get people to buy their product. Dr Prause could be a version of Dr Nick from The Simpsons being wheeled out to hawk a product like he used to on the show.

However, it does back up anecdotal evidence that we hear from many escorts on our site who swear by them. Also, it may be a little bit cynical of me to think Dr Prause would risk her own career for a few quid of a sex toy company.

Either way, you should definitely bring sex toys into your bedroom routine. Whether an orgasm lasting 17 seconds longer with a sex toy is a fact or not, the fact remains that women do find it tougher to have an orgasm. A sex toy helps get her where she needs to go.

This is something that is vital for every sexual encounter.

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