5 Intimate Sex Positions For A Steamy Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2018

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Most of us have a few positions we love to try during sex. These positions are often the ones which leave us feeling amazing, but the problem with that is that we tend to stick with these few positions. Rather than spicing things up and getting adventurous, we fall into a sex routine. We’ll use the same positions over and over again, which can make things incredibly dull.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it can be even more challenging to spice things up. We don’t want to think too far outside of the box in case we choose something that seems impossible or challenging. After all, we’d rather things went smoothly during our Valentine’s Day celebrations.

So why not try one of these five intimate sex positions instead? They’ll allow you and your partner to get closer and have a sensual time together. Best of all, they aren’t going to be too far out of your comfort zone! In fact, many are slight variations on our favourites. Take a look and see which you’d like to try.

1. Head over heels

Often getting intimate with your partner on Valentine’s Day means face-to-face sex. You’ll want to see the look on their face as you fuck, and it is even better if you whisper sexy things into their ear as you go for it. Missionary is perfect for this, but often it isn’t enough.

The head over heels position allows you to switch things up. The chances are that you’ll have already tried it without even realising you were doing it! You’ll get into missionary position and your partner will lift their legs to rest on your shoulders.

It will allow you to get much deeper penetration with each thrust, but that isn’t the only advantage to this position. The position means that her pussy will feel tighter, and your cock has a much better chance of stimulating her g-spot. If you then reach down to stimulate her clit, it can lead to a fantastic orgasm!

2. Splitting bamboo

Sometimes you like to keep in control during sex. The missionary position is great for this, especially because you can then watch your partner’s reaction to each thrust. However, even with the variation above it can feel a little boring.

So why not try the splitting bamboo position instead? Don’t worry, it isn’t as painful as it sounds! Your partner will lie on their back and raise a leg into the air. You then move to straddle their lower leg, and you can support the leg in their air by resting it against your shoulder.

You can then slowly slide your cock in and out. It also makes for an excellent teasing position, as you can gently rub at her clit and slow your thrusting right now. It is then easy to speed up and really go for it, making for one of the most fun and intimate sex positions for Valentine’s Day!

Splitting bamboo is a firm favourite when it comes to intimate sex positions

Original source: Kinkly

3. The lotus

Not feeling like missionary is a good starting point for you? Found that you both really want to be as close as possible during the act? Instead of lying down, sit on the bed, and then you can try the lotus position.

This position is a fantastic one to do, and you’ll be face-to-face and close up the entire time. Start by sitting cross-legged on the bed, and from there your partner can sit in your lap and wrap their legs around your body.

This is much more of a challenge, as it can be difficult to build a rhythm. However, once you do you’ll find that it is by far one of the most exciting and intimate sex positions you can try. You’ll be face-to-face the entire time, leading to many intense kisses, and you’ll be forced to slow things down. Your sex session will last much longer this way!

Want to be close during sex? This is the position for you

Original source: Bad Girls Bible

4. The vibrating doggy

So far, the intimate sex positions I have told you about involve being face-to-face. However, intimacy doesn’t have to come from facing each other. In fact, you can have an amazing time in your favourite positions simply by adding something extra.

Doggy style is one of our favourite positions, so why not add a slight variation to it? Altering the angle works well, but something that can work even better is adding a sex toy.

A small vibrating bullet can make all the difference. As you slowly thrust into your partner, you can get her to hold the toy to her clit. As you both feel your orgasm building you can speed up and thrust deeper. Tell her how good it feels to make love to her this way and you’ll find that this can tip her over the edge into orgasm.

A simple variation to doggy that feels amazing for her!

Original source: Bustle

5. The plow

This is another doggy style sex position. However, it is by far the most challenging one on the list, as it requires a lot of strength from you both. It is absolutely worth it, as you will find if you try it out for yourself.

Get your partner to kneel on the floor, with a pillow or something soft under their forearms. You can then slip into them from behind. Enjoy the position like this for a while, before taking a hold of their legs. Slowly lift them up as you stand.

Yes, it sounds difficult, and it can be really tough to get the position right, but it is totally worth it. It allows for much deeper penetration and, if your cock curves downwards, you’ll be able to hit her g-spot. Not confident in your ability to hold your partner up? A sturdy box or chair might be a great alternative, and it will make for kinky sex. It will also feel intimate because of the amount of trust required between you both.

This position is more of a challenge but it is totally worth it

Original source: Sex Positions

Intimate sex positions we love!

For those who are eager to ensure that they do not have a boring Valentine’s Day, choosing a new sex position can help. It might seem a little intimidating at first, which is why choosing a variation on a classic works well. You’ll start in a familiar territory and then dip into something new.

Got a few suggestions of your own to share? Tell us all about them in the comments. Which position is your favourite for intimacy between you and your partner?

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