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Man on top of woman in bed
May 28, 2015

For many men, talk of women paying for sex is like sweet, succulent poetry to their ears. It heralds a new age where the ever-present desire for sex is no longer exclusive to the male gender, and perhaps English nightclubs will cease to be the sausage-fest spheres of reciprocated frustration and sadness that they have become.

The multi coloured flag of the LGBT community
May 16, 2015

Any attraction to transexuals is often accompanied for one single question: does my attraction make me gay? Sadly the answer is rarely clear cut. If you’re walking down the street and you see an attractive man, and feel a surge of blood rush southwards to your penis, then we can certainly say you’re probably harbouring some homosexual tendencies. However, no one would blame you for having the same reaction when you see one of the many well-endowed transexuals out there. Hell, even if you know that the person is a transexual, basic male sex-drive would still consider anything with longlegs sexually. After all, we’re conditioned to think of sex every six seconds.

Man in bathrobe looks at laptop
May 12, 2015

For some the idea of cybersex and virtual reality porn represents the advent of a beautiful new age – where technology meets liberalism, and together they have a wondrous child called endless pleasure. We’d all like to envisage a future where our sexual appetites can be sated by the turn of a switch, and company, whether sexual or not, is never more than an arm’s reach away.