Which Women Pay For Sex?

May 28, 2015

For many men, talk of women paying for sex is like sweet, succulent poetry to their ears. It heralds a new age where the ever-present desire for sex is no longer exclusive to the male gender, and perhaps English nightclubs will cease to be the sausage-fest spheres of reciprocated frustration and sadness that they have become.

Of course, many will also be wondering why any woman would pay for sex, given the often-seen willingness of English men to have sex with anything with three legs or less. So are we, and that’s why we’ve found a new study conducted by Lancaster University into why women choose to pay for sex pretty interesting.

The team of researchers, led by Dr Sarah Kingston, sought to investigate what factors drive women to hire an escort – and the results have some interesting implications for the English escort industry.

A Good Spread

Out of the 21 escorts spoken to, a few trends emerged. Firstly, the women were spread across all ethnic backgrounds and age groups, but most were in their thirties or forties. Secondly, a lot of clients hire an escort because they lack the time for a relationship and are still seeking sexual satisfaction. And thirdly (and perhaps the most awesome finding) the study found that many women pay for sex whilst already in a relationship, either to get their sexual relief from elsewhere or spice up things with their partner.

The most startling implication here is that women aren’t all that different from men in their reasons for hiring an escort; on both sides the majority of clients are those that lack the time for a full relationship.

Fashionable photo of young blonde woman wearing white lingerie

Talking of the study’s results, Dr Kingston explained: “We have made some fascinating early findings, but we still have much work to do. We are seeking to explore motivations and experiences of women who book escorts; who and where they buy sex from and to explore how physical and sexual safety is negotiated.

“The study involves interviewing men, women, transgendered and transsexual people who sell sexual services to women, as well as women who purchase sexual services.”

A Clear Mind

The main difference, the researchers suggest, is that women hiring escorts already have very specific instructions and requirements prepared for their session. Basically, women know exactly what they want beforehand – a forthright assertiveness that is amiss amongst us males, who are happy to let women drag us through a world of boundless sexual possibilities.

What’s really interesting here, however, is that the research is free of stigma or prejudice against people seeking escorts. It could be a case of academic curiosity superseding social judgement, or it could simply be that society finds it far more difficult to explain why women would seek escorts. Essentially, current male behaviour is easier explained away by a never-ending salacious appetite, something that is rarely recognised in women (and if it exists, we’re simply not yet comfortable seeing women as having anywhere near the same sexual hunger as men).

Either way, it’s enough to say that the study shows the need for company – be it social company or sexual company – is not restricted to men. And maybe in a not-too-distant future escort clientele will be a more even split between the genders.

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