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Man with prostitute near car
June 24, 2015

In a world gone mad, we’re now seeing people so desperately dodge the archaic prostitution laws that they’re using other crimes as alibies. And not just those ordinary day ‘I made a mistake’ sort of excuses, but actually admitting to taking and buying drugs. This was the case for Michael Wokoh this week, found kerb crawling the streets of Bristol in the early hours of the 20th of May this year.

Malaysian mountain
June 16, 2015

Our rowdy youth are notorious pests when they’re abroad; if we’re not casually desecrating somebody’s treasured culture and heritage, we’re striping naked in their streets and peeing on their sacred buildings. And this is only our casual ‘party-time’ tourists, and doesn’t include our other equally famous horde of intrepid travellers – the ‘gap year’ bunch.

Woman on top of man who is on his front
June 11, 2015

Ah the trill of meeting an escort. Your heart is racing, your hands are sweaty and your mind is trying to decide whether to have that last wank so you can last just a little longer. But when that beauty moonlights through the door, we know it can be a little too easy to let excitement take over, and your thoughts become a whole bunch of poorly-worded Ping-Pong balls waiting to fall through and clumsily spill from your lips.

The Japanese. flag...white flag with red circle on it
June 11, 2015


Too often man has sullied nature with his penis. There’s barely a park these days that hasn’t had a secretive blowjob or two occurred in it, leaving some poor unsuspecting planet or tree with a splattering of a clouded substance. Even for youngsters, the first condom they see is rarely within a sexual education class, but a used, wrinkled looking balloon lying discarded on the pavement.

Naked woman walks into sea on beach
June 10, 2015


British tourists are famous for a whole bunch of things, but nothing quite as much as our ability to get pissed, loud and completely naked in public. We’ve gone from the prodigious days of having our own empire covering the entire world to getting our penises and tits out any opportunity we get. We feel that our ancestors would be proud – to see that we’re so arrogantly English, that we just don’t care anymore.

Bare leg of a woman who has money in her shoe
June 4, 2015

Throughout the chronicles of history there has been bribery in one form or another – from a well-endowed goat, gifted to the local aristocracy, to a small bag of gold tightly bound by a ribbon. Our society, however, is far more progressive. We’re gone past these unnecessary gifts of materialism to the good-old fashioned offering of actual flesh and blood.

Businesswoman on the phone
June 4, 2015


From the Greeks to the Ottomans, and then again onto the modern day Americans, there has been one accepted principle when it comes to attraction: people in positions of authority are hot. Without getting into a discussion about a patriarchal society, this is typically more commonly seen amongst young women, with that Hollywood style beady-eyed look as they stare at their adult superiors.

Man on top of woman in bed
June 3, 2015

Out of all the things you could punish a woman for, few guys would think of making sex noises. To some, a woman’s fanatic sex screams are just an awesome boost to the male ego – the idea that you’re able to inspire such auspicious testimonies with just your penis. But even for those that aren’t exactly turned on by loud women in the bedroom, few would ever condemn it.

The BBC front
June 3, 2015

The need for company knows no bounds. Whether high or low, old or young, it is an essential necessity that we all feel. And there’s nothing to better remind us of that fact then when a high-flying executive hires a prostitute to keep him company on a lonely train ride, and then claims his lascivious getaway as a business expense.

man looks at laptop
June 2, 2015

Generally the future of porn promises to be pretty exciting. We’ve gone from kinky phone sex 40 or so years ago to all the magnificent pornographic wonders of today – and that’s just great. But there are still some people out there trying to ruin everybody’s good time.