Five Reasons Why we’re Attracted to Authority

June 4, 2015

From the Greeks to the Ottomans, and then again onto the modern day Americans, there has been one accepted principle when it comes to attraction: people in positions of authority are hot. Without getting into a discussion about a patriarchal society, this is typically more commonly seen amongst young women, with that Hollywood style beady-eyed look as they stare at their adult superiors.

But it’s certainly not a phenomenon exclusive to the female sex; we’re all tantalised by the prospect of a sexy authority figure – from school teachers to nurses. Over the past few days men across the world have glared enviously at news headline declaring that a 15-year-old (or thereabouts) boy has had sex with his school teacher, evoking a unanimous ‘lucky git’ uttered under muted breaths. So let’s take a look at exactly what is behind this attraction:


Power is sexy. It has been and always will be. Even in the bedroom, power is a consistent player in sexual relations. Bottom line: some people like to be controlled or manipulated. They like to have someone ruling over them, controlling and watching. It gives us the opportunity to escape ourselves, and enter into somebody else’s orbital pull. It is this that makes us feel powerful in return.

Positive association

We are attracted to people based on how they make us feel. If somebody is confident and bold, we feel confident and bold. It is this core principle that is behind much of the attraction to authority figures. In many cases, attraction to authority includes a wide age difference. It is this age difference which automatically bestows upon the older person a set of attractive characteristics. They’re more intelligent, sophisticated and worldly; they are what we admire and, as such, we seek to share in their characteristics.


We’re often attracted to others who have something that we desire for ourselves. All attraction is based on an equitable exchange of what can be taken and what can be given. For many young girls, the attraction to their school teacher is centred on the desire for greater confidence and maturity, which is usually lacking in their same-age peers. On the flip side, boys like women that make them feel manly – and nothing quite does the trick like a mature, experienced woman.


A lot of young people, girls and boys, are attracted to authority figures because it represents a rebellious act. We’re all allured to things that are tabooed. It’s that typical idea: sex is good when it’s wrong. A woman attracted to a married man is attracted exactly because he’s married – she’s turned on by the idea that they’re doing something wrong. In most cases, that attraction will cease or diminish once both parties are single, as it no longer has the same allure.

They have what we want. Not all things are psychological. Attraction to authority can simply be a materialism thing. They have money and they have all the power that money brings. It’s once again the basic precept of craving something that we don’t have, whether a physical asset or a personal characteristic.

If you need further prove, just look at the growing popularity of domination escorts. Attraction to authority is something that never leaves us; from birth to dust, we retain our will to be controlled and to control others.

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