Dirty Sex Confessions!

November 26, 2014

We all know what it’s like to have a secret fantasy, but how about a secret crush? They say the most painful love is unrequited love, that’s what it’s like for these brave people who reveal their wildly inappropriate crushes.

My Friend’s Dad

“So, maybe it’s a little bit ‘American Beauty’ of me.” Writes Sasha. “But, despite my friend’s dad looking nothing like Kevin Spacey, I am completely obsessed. I first met him at my friend’s wedding and I was immediately drawn to him. He had a power suit on – which since I have discovered is his statement item of clothing, a salt and pepper beard and hair and just oozed sex appeal. The thing is – he is still married, and my friend’s mum is as gorgeous as her.

At night, I can’t help fantasising what it might be like to have sex with him, for hours getting sweaty and breathless under the covers. He has the most sexy body language, he holds himself with confidence and power and he just shakes me up inside. It’s now been two weeks since I started to meet him away from my friend. At first I asked for his ‘business advice’ and as we sipped lattes over my fake business, I couldn’t help but become more and more drawn to him. Now, I had his personal number so I would txt him from Whatsapp, putting the most raunchy pictures I could find up and asking him questions about his day. At first, I think he was shocked but now something is developing.

We have met up three times since and the mood has turned more and more flirty. Of course, my friend has no idea and when she speaks about him in conversation, I just smile to myself and indulge my fantasy in my own head. I lay awake at night touching myself over him. I am a girl that always gets what she wants, so hopefully my fantasy night with my friend’s dad will come soon!”

My Stepdaughter

“This is without a doubt the most immoral crush I’ve ever had.” Writes Sebastian. “But how can I help it when my wife’s teenage daughter, looking like my wife but younger totters about in heels and tiny skirts. She is a bonafide cock tease, and knows it. I met her when she was 15 and I am ashamed to say I was already uploading her image into my wank bank.

Now she is 18 and has transformed into a minx worthy of her senior. My wife is also gorgeous and sexy, but next to an 18 year old I am afraid there is a big difference. I can’t help but be turned on when my stepdaughter flounces into the living room, glued to her I-phone, giggling and wearing tiny shorts and a crop top so I can catch a glimpse of her tiny toned stomach and generous portion of pert breasts. I sometimes get the feeling she flirts with me, displaying her growing female wiles on me, as if for practice. Who am I to complain? I also get ashamedly jealous when she brings back her boyfriend who is nothing but a douche head with overgrown biceps and no chest hair. I expect puberty hasn’t properly kicked in for him. I rage at her mother that he will break her heart, but truth be told she is a strong little female with her wits about her.

One night, when her mum was out partying we had a movie night with a bottle of wine and my hands brushed over her thighs and breasts as we sat cuddled up together on the sofa. She got a little breathless and wondered if she was still a virgin, which of course turned me on so much I had to go and beat off in the bathroom before I got out of control. Inappropriate – yes. Exciting and naughty – most definitely. I wouldn’t change it right now.”

My Boss

“Why oh why do I have to have such a sexy boss with a killer body.” Writes Charlotte. “The man is in danger of making me lose my whole career, due to the fact that most days I fantasise about him taking me bent over on his desk and so my work suffers miserably. The good thing, is because of my recent drop in sales, it means I have been called into his office a few times, for a bit of an ear bashing and lots of flirtation. He has a public school boy accent, which is incredibly sexy – a little like Simon Cowell and when he scolds me I just want him to lay me over and bite my all over, throwing a bit of spanking in for good measure.

My boss has only been at the company a few months, I doubt he will do anything that will compromise his position, but I can’t stop fantasising about when he’s had enough of the flirting and wants to take it to the next level. Nearly every day I match my lingerie just in case, praying he takes me into his office for some one on one time and ending with intense sex behind his closed door.

I am always dressing to impress at the office, choosing skimpy skirts and almost see through shirts so he will notice me more. I get a naughty look from him and sometimes a wink when he sees me, it takes my breath away. Soon, very soon I will be all his and he will be all mine!”

What is your secret crush? Do you like naughty brunettes with large breasts or petite spinner blondes? Let us know comments section below.

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