How To Do A French Kiss They’ll Never Forget

March 15, 2020

Guys and gals, in my opinion, there is nothing more erotic, more passionate, or more long-lasting than a nice, slow, French kiss. There’s nothing to counter-argue this claim.

For those who may not be aware of what exactly a French kiss is, it is basically a kiss with some tongue action going on. I say a French kiss is the most common way to segue from turning a shy, intimate closed-mouth kiss into a hot, sweaty but satisfying mess.

Nevertheless, this simple physical movement still has a lot of room for shit to go wrong if not done correctly. Not many people appreciate a wet hose pipe spraying God knows what in their mouths when trying to be intimate or raunchy. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel that great French kissing someone who’s lips are as dry as your Grandma’s.

Speaking of dry, I can lead you into the first tip that I’d like to raise for all the guys and gals wanting to learn how to do a French kiss that their lovers will never forget.

French Kiss Step #1: Keep Your Lips Smooth And Hydrated

Yes, I know this is a no-brainer, but it’s one tip that people always tend to forget about, and it is keeping your lips soft and fully hydrated. Make sure that they aren’t chapped and that there isn’t a cold sore in sight. The way I see it, it’s a good way to show off your marketing skills and offer your partner what they want to buy. They see a good pair of good-looking lips, they want to dive in a bit further and see if they’d feel as good as they look.

Overall, keep some chapstick in your pocket when you’re on your next date with a special someone, or maybe even a special escort who offers kisses in their services…you never know!

French Kiss Step #2: Know How To Manoeuvre

Now, there are people that like to see the funny sides of things when your moves don’t go your way and all you two can do is giggle about it. But there are others that are so fixated on the flow that if something breaks it, then it’s game over. And this often happens when you suddenly bump noses with each other and end up in a new, awkward game of British bulldogs with their noses.

But don’t fret, my friends. When you suddenly notice that your nose is about to go into a collision with your partner’s, you just play the smooth criminal and slide to the side where your cartilage is pointing at. Don’t make it seem so obvious, though. Do it smoothly, as if that conflict of skin never occurs in the face of your romantic scenery.

French Kiss Step #3: Take Your Goddamn Time

Speaking of romantic sceneries, no sex scene from a movie ever shows a Formula One French Kissing Race expecting champagne to explode everywhere. It starts slow, with a little bit of distance to build a bit of anticipation and arousal, right up to the point where their lips touch and begin on their journey to know about each other and their bodies.

So, what’s the next tip? Don’t rush it. Suck up every millisecond you could exploring their mouths with your tongue. It’ll make the finale that more intense and incredible.

French Kiss Step #4: Start Slipping Your Tongue In

Once the ignition of yearning has commenced, the next step to let your tongue slide in and take even more time exploring. If your goal is to make sweet loving or to give your partner a memory of you, imagine that time doesn’t exist and every space on earth is bestowed to you. Swipe your tongue slowly, side to side, while discovering how your companion’s lips taste compared to yours.

Afterwords, while that French kiss acts like a padlock, vary your moments with a subtle lick on the lips, a soft nibble, or a slight suck on your partner’s tongue. This will definitely leave them speechless and heat up the room a lot more.

French Kiss Step #5: Know When To Make The Next Move

I know I’ve emphasized the importance of time in this article one too many times now, but it’s actually the catalyst to get the complete physical connection. Don’t go overboard with your partner and don’t go too deep down their throats if they aren’t ready for it. Also, don’t stay at the traffic light when the light is green to change the motion. Go with the flow and switch sides if you had to, or go ahead and bite that bottom lip.

Furthermore, try to hold the tides when it comes to your saliva, ok? We don’t like making out with a dry desert, but we also don’t like to drown at a really hot moment in our lives. Those are the only nit-picky points that I’ll raise in this step.

French Kiss Step #6: Start Moving With Your Hands

The moment you’ll realize that you’ve reached this step is when your partner starts doing things with their hands. The next thing you’ll need to do is to keep your lips in lock with theirs and let your hands play. At this point, you’re already aware that time is the catalyst, so casually brush your fingers through their hair and the bold move of unlocking and sliding your lips down their necks. And then, quite simply put, the rest is history.

The thing with French kissing is something that doesn’t exactly need to be finessed, but practised to say the least. Why, because motor memory is something that you’ll need to strengthen before you meet your partner, fuck buddy, or even an escort.

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