How To Last Longer in Bed This Valentines Day

February 12, 2019

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Well, Valentines day is almost here, and many of us have plans to have lots of sex with our partner. We are getting geared up for that day in the year loads will be aiming for the biggest sex marathon of 2019. Sadly, lots will end up being disappointed.

That isn’t a slur against any of us as the penis can only take so much stimulation before it erupts. Ignore what porn has told you, men don’t go full pelt for 40 minutes without cumming unless they have a problem or are drunk out of their brain. That is the reality of the situation.

So how do you make sure that you can last longer in bed this Valentines Day? Well, there are some very good tips here. Use them, and you have a very good chance of having that long sex session you are desiring.

1) Lots of Foreplay

If you are wanting to engage in a sex marathon, you can’t just think of penetration as there are natural limits with how long you can do that before reaching orgasm. What you should be doing is concentrating on foreplay.

Foreplay isn’t just the time it takes for your dick to get hard. Instead, get loads of touching, stroking, kissing, licking and massaging in there. Penetration is only everyone part of a marathon sex, the majority of it being foreplay, or at least cuddling.

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2) Go Slower

As I said before, sex isn’t like a porn film, even if we want it to be. Men can’t go like a pneumatic drill without orgasming. Therefore, the first thing any guy needs to do is remember to go slower.

Try one thrust every two seconds, and then every two minutes, up the speed a notch. This is an effective way of making sure those incredible sensations don’t come as fast as usual.

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3) Don’t Be Afraid To Orgasm

You are in the middle of a sex marathon, so don’t worry about orgasming, as you are meant to be there for an extended amount of time if it all works out well. Therefore, if you shoot your load it opens up many new possibilities, it isn’t the end.

Once the man has orgasmed once then it will naturally take him longer to do it the second time, and any time after that. That will extend the time you can have sex. Also, as it takes time for the man to get hard again after he cums, that gives you even more time to engage in foreplay and other kinds of fun.

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4) Use a Condom

When you are trying to delay the orgasm, the enemy is over-stimulation. One good way to stop that happening is to use a condom.

The main knock on condoms (though anyone with a brain will still use them if they can) is that sex with one on doesn’t feel as good as sex without one. That has its drawbacks of course but if you are looking to buy yourself some time, using a condom can really help.

There are ones with different thickness so with a bit of practice, you should be able to find one that reduces stimulation, but also feels good.

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5) Switch Up Positions

We all have sex positions that are more likely to get us off. For me it is doggy style, for you it may be cowgirl or something else. It is imperative then if you are wanting to last longer that you don’t gravitate to the position that is naturally going to get you to finish within a few minutes.

You can use your fave position of course, but once you feel yourself getting too close then change it up, maybe going missionary or something else that you know doesn’t have the same effect. Once you have calmed yourself down, you can go back to your favourite.

It is all about listening to your body, and if you do have an orgasm, worry not, that is why you are there. Just relax, reload, and carry on.

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Get an Escort This Valentines Day

It may also be a perfect chance to book an escort for an extended period of time. I am not talking about a 30-minute booking as that is more of a sprint than a marathon. Why not book one for a couple of hours, or maybe more, and really make the most of the day?

The companions can surely give you some tips on how to last longer. Remember though, book early as you won’t be the only guy considering the move on Valentines Day.

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Have a good one folks!

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