Make Love To Yourself With These Masturbation Tips

March 26, 2019

Make Love To Yourself With These Masturbation Tips

I love myself. Yes, I know that it sounds really vain, but I do. I think that I’m pretty damn fantastic! So sometimes when I decide to jerk off, I’ll slow things down. Rather than rushing to the finish I’ll seduce myself, taking my time turning myself on. It feels amazing!

The chances are that you’ve never tried making love to yourself. We see making love as something that we do with someone else, and not to ourselves. It’s time to change that.

I’ve got some great masturbation tips that will turn your solo moments from fast and furious jerks to long love making sessions. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Find the right material

What I like to jerk off to will vary a lot. There are times when I love nothing more than listening to music and letting my mind do the rest. Fantasising is a huge deal for me, and something that I find myself doing constantly. That said, I can get lazy. I don’t want to think about every little detail when I can watch, listen to, or read porn instead.

Get what you want to enjoy ready before you settle down. This might sound like stating the obvious to you, but sometimes I’ll forget. It means that I settle down and then realise I have to get the right porn video to watch when the mood is starting to dwindle. If you have your chosen porn media ready to go before you do anything else, it can be very exciting! Seriously, one of the best masturbation tips I can give you is to choose your porn before you get started. The anticipation is amazing.

I like a lot of different porn. Amateur porn is something I used to enjoy a lot more, but lately my tastes have shifted. I’ll either listen to audio porn or go for some paid porn like the XConfessions series. It’s a huge turn on for me, and hopefully the trailer gives you a hint about why I like it so much.

Set the mood

Masturbating for me tends to be something that I do late at night when I’m struggling to sleep, or first thing in the morning when I can have a long lie in at the weekend. Typically, it happens fast. I get turned on, I slide my hands down my body, and give myself an orgasm.

It’s nice, but it could be so much better. Sometimes, I’ll make love to myself. This starts with setting the mood. I like to light some scented candles to help build the atmosphere. Nothing too strong in scent… just something subtle. The change in lighting also helps to set the mood for me.

Music is a big part of it. I listen to music pretty much all day, and my tastes change depending on my mood. When it comes to masturbating, I want music that is sensual with a good beat. Primarily I’ll opt for female singers, as their voices turn me on a lot. One of my absolute favourite playlists to use is the ‘Sexy Masturbation Playlist’ below, and I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me.

Feel free to experiment

I know exactly what to do to get myself to orgasm. Penetration is good for me, but clitoral stimulation is often the thing that tips me over the edge. When I want an orgasm, I’ll skip straight to my clit and go for the gold. It does the job, but it can be made better.

When you are on your own, you are in the perfect place to experiment. You don’t have to worry about being judged, because it’s just you! Are you really going to judge yourself? If you’ve always wanted to try something, now is the time, whether it is a new toy or a certain technique.

Men will be happy to know that there are tons of guides out there, such as this from Ask Men. They not only include toys you might want to try, but also techniques that could help to get you there. When it comes to the most popular masturbation tips, experimentation is often way up there. Yes, following that path might get you there, but you might just discover another way to orgasm.

Want to hump a pillow? Do it. Eager to see if you can use just your fingertips to get you there? Try it out! Keen to learn if you can think yourself to orgasm? The only way to know is to try. What have you got to lose?

Masturbation tips often focus on technique and experimentation
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Treat yourself like you would your partner

This might sound like one of the most ridiculous masturbation tips to some of you, but treating yourself like you would your partner is the right way to go. You wouldn’t just strip your partner and expect to jump straight into sex with no foreplay, so don’t do the same to yourself!

Slow it down and you won’t regret it. Really take your time sliding your hands over your body, discovering the parts which are most sensitive. I know that my collar bone is a hell of a lot more sensitive than I thought, and that my fingertips sliding over my stomach makes me shiver with anticipation.

Making love to yourself is great, and hopefully the masturbation tips above will help you get it right. Got a few suggestions of your own? I want to hear them! You can leave a comment in the box below or let me know on social media. I love talking about sex, so don’t be shy about joining in!

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