Manscaping 101 – How He Should Shave Down There

June 22, 2016


Manscaping; just the word alone sounds like a metro-sexual day spa special package, rather than the harrowing self-maintenance that it actually entails. Perched with one leg up on the toilet, dude’s junk in the trunk hangs in the wind, as he hacks away with a razor at the forest that surrounds his private tower. It is all worth it though, because trimming bush country allows that dame to feel dude’s caveman tendencies without feeling like she’s shagging a Neanderthal, and it gives his tool box a sharp look that holds less funk on his junk.

Getting your private park’s hair under control is not just for her pleasure, it’s also a proven confidence booster for him. “It’s healthy for every man to consider,” says Craig Whitely, owner of The Grooming Concierge and “Some guys think that when you start paying more attention to how you look, then it doesn’t look manly, but that’s changing, and more men are incorporating manscaping into their regimen.”

Real talk, if dude seeks a dame to go downtown on his behalf, then let it be known, she deserves a pristine parkland course to play on, not some hairy physical challenge course that pits her in the Amazon Forest.

It’s a sexy fact, nearly 50 percent of women prefer their partner to be either totally, or partially hair-free, a 2014 study from Indiana University found. When a woman is comfortable, she can completely open up. These are things to consider when it comes to manscaping down-under. Dude should prioritize tending his sexy hedge, and consider these herein tips to ensure the best manscaping experience possible.

Get wet and hot

Tip to the wise: Dry shaving isn’t a good idea. Instead, you’re better off rocking a steamy, hot shower. Shaving after a shower is the best case scenario, since that warm water will soften the skin, and it’ll loosen any dirt and oil. Plus, that water will help naturally lubricate the area, which will prevent hair from pulling. Don’t lather with a basic bar of soap though. Consider using an alcohol-free gel that contains aloe because it’ll prevent irritation.

Original source: Firefly Daily

Keep it short and sweet

If dude’s pubes are looking like dreadlocks, then he better trim that shit back with a pair of scissors before lawn mowing his private garden. Whacking back that untamed hedgerow with trimmers will provoke irritation, and long hair has a tendency of snagging on razor blades more easily, so it’s best to snip with scissors first. Then dude can use those clippers after he’s already lightly trimmed back the bush to a short length. Not at the skin’s surface though, just about 1/16 of an inch.

There’s no need to regress to a newborn baby, so save the stubble. Less than an inch is ideal; that way it’ll keep dude’s underworld nice and chill. “You definitely want to have it groomed very short,” says Whitely,” “But I’m not a big fan of taking it all off.” For this delicate region of the dude, there are trimmers that contour to the curvature of the below-the-belt zone, and they have wet-and-dry technology. One of which is called the Braun cruZer 5 Body Trimmer!

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Pull that skin tight like

Use extra caution when dude is in the ball pit with a trimmer. Use your non-dominant hand to pull the skin tight like, because this will help smooth out the area, giving you the most control. If at all possible, put a portable mirror on the toilet, so you can stand over it. That will ensure that you’re hitting all the tricky angles.

Original source: Body Building

Avoid multi-tasking

Please put down the scissors that are meant to cut lettuce. Don’t use those; think man, your bush is not a head of lettuce. Do yourself proper; use the scissors that are designated solely for short and curly hair. Any tool that’s not meant to go down below, just shouldn’t. Also, before you go Edward Scissorhands down under, wipe down your scissors with rubbing alcohol, and give your hands, and your manhood a good scrub down. It’ll create a sterile environment which will make it less likely that you’ll develop an infection.

Multitasking can be difficult

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Shave the right way

When using those clippers, dude needs to shave in the direction of the hair growth, not against the grain. Whichever way the hair is pointing, shave stroking that very same direction. This is the best shaving approach since the blade isn’t tugging hairs in a direction that aren’t already used to going. This will help in avoiding the manscaping war wounds of after-shave stubble and ingrown hairs.

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Use caution on dude’s balls

The scrotum and the shaft are highly sensitive, and they should be protected like a natural preserve. Those skin folds and grooves of dude’s dimensions downtown have been proven to trap huge amounts of bacteria. If and when dude shaves his balls and nicks himself, that gnarly bacteria can get into that cut and cause cellutitis, abcesses, and something called Fournier gragrene. For the sake of dude’s balls, please exercise caution when manscaping.

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Moisturize thy sexy self

After a shave, dude should dose his freshly mowed lawn with post-shave moisturizer, or else he may experience a scratchy sensation. Any lotion will not do; this is when you may find that lotion you thought was all right, actually has too much alcohol. After a shave, your pores are ten times more sensitive, so it’s better to choose a lotion that’s meant to sooth and relieve. One that contains aloe or camphor will definitely assist in reducing irritation.

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If and when dude cuts himself

It’ll happen even if you’re careful, because a nick is the most common war wound for shavers. In fact, according to a 2012 study from the University of California at San Francisco, cuts from pubic hair shaving were the most common injury that had homies hobbling into the emergency room. If dude experiences a nick, he should clean the area thoroughly with soap and warm water, as well as alcohol. If it’s a superficial wound, then applying pressure with a damp piece of toilet paper will be sufficient to tamper the bleeding. Yet, if it doesn’t stop bleeding after 15 minutes, or if blood appears to be pulsating from your cut, seek medical assistance because a deeper cut may require stitches.

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Detail dude’s rug

Dames have fun shaving patterns, like the landing strip and the Bermuda triangle; the erotica rug pattern list goes on, and it’s not limited only to the ladies. Dudes can trim their garden of good and evil to be a clearing in the forest too. While ‘Trimmed, Shaved and Shaped,’ is preferred by most women, dude could opt to trim his hedge into a happy trail. The point of manscaping is to evolve, and to step out from that cave, and tame that ‘Just Grows Natural’ Neanderthal dread-lock swamp forest look.

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When it comes to the dude’s crown jewels, manscaping helps him maintain their appearance, and it also primes them for a royal showing. It’s has to be said twice; do exercise care and caution when snipping and trimming that private forest’s unchartered territory. Learn more about this delicate process in ‘Manscaping-How to Shave: Shaving Down There‘. Got something to say about manscaping? The keep calm, stay kinky and sound off in the comments below!

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