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December 18, 2023

What begins as a mischievous adventure can quickly become an oppressive habit. Porn addiction is similar to any other addiction in that the brain craves more of what makes it feel good. You know how it goes: you’re feeling a little frisky, you indulge, and your brain receives a shot of those pleasure chemicals.

Woman leaning back on a beach
June 23, 2016


Having sex in new and unusual places is an adventurous, sexy ass fuck it, buck it list. Getting it on anywhere outside of the bedroom is among the leading ways kinksters spice up those kinky festivities. Whether it’s shagging on the washing machine, or on the beach, adding an atypical situation and element can amass […]

June 22, 2016

Manscaping; just the word alone sounds like a metro-sexual day spa special package, rather than the harrowing self-maintenance that it actually entails. Perched with one leg up on the toilet, dude’s junk in the trunk hangs in the wind, as he hacks away with a razor at the forest that surrounds his private tower. It is all worth it though, because trimming bush country allows that dame to feel dude’s caveman tendencies without feeling like she’s shagging a Neanderthal, and it gives his tool box a sharp look that holds less funk on his junk.

couple having car sex
June 16, 2016

When it comes to sex in cars, a kinky light-bulb goes off above the horny who are on-the-go. Sex in car enthusiasts know that you’ve got to be flexible and creative if you’re going to shag in that sardine can on wheels. There’s usually little to no space inside of a car, and although that sexy act may transpire in the front seat, it typically rocks to the back so as to maximize all potential space. Shagging in cars is a rite of passage and it’s literally fast-food for kinksters with voracious appetites.

Impotent man worrying about his penis and erection failure , Surprised young man havingtrouble with potency and prostate
June 15, 2016

Dear homies, When it comes to your private investigator, you have got to protect your neck. You’ve got one life to live, one wang doodle to rock it out with, and your cock’s performance is a reflection of your health. Often dudes will rage on autopilot until something vital like their most prized appendage takes a hit, and then they wonder, ‘WTF?’ Well, if dude took an active interest in his health, it would protect his magic wand, ensure its salty spell, and ward off the evils of erectile dysfunction.<

Young sexy woman lying on the floor of a shower, getting ready to enjoy some shower sex
June 13, 2016

Among all the things women like to wear to turn men on, a naked women drenched in water with a towel or robe at the most is what men would actually prefer to see. Something about steam, humidity and wet bodies looking like they’ve been dipped in lubricant makes an innocent shower turn dirty. The shower has to be one of the steamiest places to bang and what’s more, a shared shower or shower sex is a sensational self cleaning scene of kink.

Fit woman doing push-ups in gym
June 9, 2016

Whether you hit the gym, or however you choose to work out, you’re not just going to feel its rewards while walking down the street. When you exercise consistently, you’re also going to get that body of yours in shape for an epic performance in between the sheets. While a part of you may protest the toil and sweat involved, the other part of you can relax with knowing that the fruits of your labor will be the best shag of your life.

Breasts and nipples in the form of ice cream
June 6, 2016


A female nipple is a highly sensitive fleshy structure from which fluid is meant to emanate, it’s in essence a water fountain of life delivering sustenance to its young. While nipples are designed for babies, they are far more interesting to those who have outgrown the need to suckle on the teet because, they are also an insanely erogenous zone. The nipples are highly sexualized, and when those dug dimples turn into high beams, it can make homies freeze like deer caught in hooter headlights.

The UK: home to some of the strangest sex laws
May 16, 2016


It’s been said that absolute vodka corrupts absolutely… or was it absolute power? Both most likely have corrupted the brain cells of numerous legislators in the UK over history causing them to enact and uphold absolutely absurd laws. Did you know that during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, the dude banned mince pies on Christmas Day?! Many odd laws have happened in history and what’s stranger is many of them remain active perhaps as a milestone of man’s sheer stupidity and a testament to the legislation’s addiction to absolute vodka and power. Take the strangest UK sex laws, for instance.

A woman marveling over the strange sex organs she has been reading about
May 16, 2016


Sex organs are interesting, face it, you’ve played ‘Show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ because the kinky mystery of sexual organs is fascinating. How mother nature organized our sexy bits has provoked our natural curiosity to better understand how most sexy parts look and work. But what happens when Mother Nature had an all night bender and still shows up to work hung over ready to make more sexy bits? Apparently more interesting sex organs, that’s what!