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man with blow up doll
February 23, 2016

Whoever said, ‘Dolls are just for girls,’ was obviously too young to know about the blow up doll. The blow up doll or love doll is an actual life size toy used for aid in masturbation. It may be an entire body with a face, a partial body or just a head. It often comes with accessories that sometimes vibrate for sexual stimulation.
Our generation is not the only one to embrace makeshift masturbatory dolls.

Man giving woman in skirt a spanking over his knee
February 22, 2016

Erotic spanking is the act of spanking someone for sexual arousal or gratification for one or both parties. It can be as simple as a spontaneous smack on the bare butt. It can also involve role play, age play, sexual role play and the implementation of spanking paddles or improvised spanking devices.

The Kinky Guru stands, ready to give advice on your sex toy
February 12, 2016

The Kinky Guru has some great tips this week to help you with your sexy, spiritual awakening, and how to introduce your sex toy in the bedroom.

A woman lying back in her lingerie, doing a kegel exercise
February 9, 2016

Pretend that you have to pee and tighten your muscles down below as if you’re holding back the flood waters. Hold that sensation in for a count of five and then relax those muscles. When you repeat this five more times, three times a day then you’re on your way to making a practice of the Kegel exercise.

prostitute with a client
February 8, 2016

When one thinks of sex workers often their body comes to mind first then you may wonder, “What is going on inside that sexy little head of theirs?” Finding out what makes a person tick is complex because everyone has their own individual back story. However there tend to be common themes that prove reason enough for those who choose to work in the sex trade industry.

Man is holding condom behind his back just before safe sex.
February 5, 2016

Take a moment to imagine Utopia: Free love, no diseases and babies come from a friendly stork that has sensible timing. Now come back to reality because real talk, as much as heaven can be a place on earth, sex has two possible outcomes: pleasure or regret.