Why Do Women Become Sex Workers?

February 8, 2016

When one thinks of sex workers often their body comes to mind first then you may wonder, “What is going on inside that sexy little head of theirs?” Finding out what makes a person tick is complex because everyone has their own individual back story. However there tend to be common themes that prove reason enough for those who choose to work in the sex trade industry.

1. It’s a turn on

Some women get sexually stimulated from sex work. Something about it gives them a kinky sense of control over their sexuality and they’re deriving a power play from it. They also may see that sex work is attributed to their sexuality. Kind of like how a basketball player must feel when they hit puberty. All the sudden their body shoots up like a beanpole. The moment arrives when your body awakens and you become aware of what game your body is designed to play.

2. If you do what you love then you never work a day in your life

Remember the day when you realized you were really good at something you liked doing? You thought, “If I could just do this every day and someone could pay me for it!” Sex workers had that epiphany but most likely while in a kinky position. Think about it, a job where you get paid for doing what you love

3. She’s a giver

Sir Winston Churchill said, we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. They say there are two types of people in the world, givers and takers but this writer begs to differ. I believe there’s a third person who has balanced the art of giving and taking and that person is the sex worker.

4. She heard that song, ‘Shake what your mama gave you,’ and she was like, ‘Okaaaaaaay!’

Girl one day heard that song and it became her anthem. She recognized that she was given her fine self by the grace of her mama and she’s gonna shake it like a tambourine. Remember the feeling you get when someone hands you a musical instrument that’s easy to play like a pair of bells. You think, Okay! I know what to do with these! Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

5. She’s hot, she knows it and she’s cashing it in!

Maybe one day she looked in the mirror and realized, I’m sexy and I know it. Maybe she always knew it and the day came when she had to take her booty to the bank and cash it in?

Imagine being born in a fabulously sexy body and you found out that you could get paid a lot of money for it if you shared it with someone for a small period of time? A part of you would beg to reason that you’re being resourceful and taking advantage of an opportunity.

A lot of workers in all different professions are being paid for a strong aspect of their personality. Teachers are paid for their patience; waiters are paid for their delivery and managers for their leadership. Sex workers are paid for a strong aspect of their personality too, their sexuality.

6. It’s all about that mighty dollar

Money is cited by 85% of prostitutes when they were asked in a survey why they chose the business of being a sex worker. Most are attracted to the large sums of money they can make while they are young. Some may be using this as a means to save for something more substantial. Most say that its economic necessity that drives them while many leave the business once they have earned the amount they want or need.

7. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

Many people work as sex workers because of sexual curiosity. Their interest stems from a desire to explore their sexual desires in a way that they cannot through the social norm of monogamous relationships. It allows them to creatively express their sexuality.

Sexual motivation is one of the top reasons why escorts said they went into sex work. Don’t you remember first becoming aware of your body parts and finding out that there are different ones than yours? That there is other parts that fit into yours? Then that the act of doing so is a sort of game that feels good? That curiosity is a driving force in sex workers who may at one point looked at their privates and wondered, “What if I make my Pandora box a public park? And charged a price to play?”

In summary, sex workers are drawn to the sex trade for a variety of reasons. Not surprisingly the strongest reason is mainly for the money or else it wouldn’t be a job. What may be surprising is how many sex workers are curious and confident in exploring their sexual nature in this way. While there are darker sides with how many sex workers are forced into prostitution, this writer has chosen to focus on the bright side of life while reflecting on the oldest profession in the world.

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