13 Strange And Bizarre Sex Organs!

May 16, 2016

A woman marveling over the strange sex organs she has been reading about

Sex organs are interesting, face it, you’ve played ‘Show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ because the kinky mystery of sexual organs is fascinating. How mother nature organized our sexy bits has provoked our natural curiosity to better understand how most sexy parts look and work. But what happens when Mother Nature had an all night bender and still shows up to work hung over ready to make more sexy bits? Apparently more interesting sex organs, that’s what!

Give respect to all the shapes and sizes of sex organs. Like automobiles, there are thousands of different makes and models out there cruising. Some people trade their sexy bits in for an upgrade going from Prius boobs to Expedition titties. Yet some can’t trade their sex organs in and in severe situations, their sexy bits as a rare example of what happens when Mother nature is caught drinking on the job. Stay kinky and get curious about these baffling, mystifying sex organs!

1. The dude with the largest scrotum

The Las Vegas dude with a 100 pound scrotum was a medical anomaly. Medical professionals interchangeably used the diagnosis of: scrotal elephantiasis, scrotal lymphedema or scrotal edema. All of which are simply means ‘an excess of watery fluid collecting in tissues of the body.’ Once a surgery was performed on Wesley Warren’s testicle in 2013, the homie experienced complications from diabetes one year later and subsequently passed away. Yet the tale of his heavy scrotum inspired a British television crew to shoot a documentary called, The Man with the 10-stone Testicles. Watch a clip about The Man with the 10-stone Testicles in the link!

South Park gif of large scrotum

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2. The broad with the biggest tits

Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the Guinness World Record for the largest natural titties. The 5’6” fetish model has an under-breast measurement of 43″ and a bust measurement of 70″. Her bra size is 48V which is entirely hypothetical because bras don’t even come that size! Annie weighs 350 pounds and 112 of those pounds are her boobies.

A woman with large tits lets them bounce around

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3. The homie with two cock-a-doodle-dos

It happens 1 time per 2.5 million male births. Diphallia is the condition when a homie is gifted with not one but TWO penises. In most rare diphallia cases, there are two distinct ‘dickie-heads’ that connect to two fully developed urogenitary tracts. Talk about a special two-for-one deal!

A woman looking at a man's cock and saying

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4. The lady without a va-jay-jay

Persistent Cloaca only affects the ladies and it when it does, it only occurs once per 20,000 births. What it is, is this: The bunghole, va-jay-jay and pee hole converge into one big funnel-like crater that’s located somewhere between her pleasure bean and the butt. Just one big swirling vortex between the legs? Yeah, it’s as if Mother Nature um, fell asleep on the clock! This condition requires corrective surgery which is costly, complicated and highly risky.

A man shaking his head saying

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5. The decade-long erection guy

Impotence has dudes doing just about anything to find a solve. Options range from Viagra to penile implant surgery. But what happens when that penile implant surgery goes wrong? Charles Lennon discovered that his rock hard cock wouldn’t chill out and he sued. Although he was awarded a $400,000 malpractice suit, his boner still didn’t go away. The everlasting flag pole could not be removed either because of other health risks it posed. His lawyer claims the condition caused his client so much embarrassment that he became a recluse. Does the decade-long erection guy have buyer’s remorse? “I don’t know any man who for any amount of money would want to trade and take my client’s life,” his lawyer said.

Samantha Jones from Sex and the City saying

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6. The woman with two va-jay-jays

When you’re born with two snatches, it’s like finding out about a secret passage that you didn’t know that your house had. What’s up downtown on the woman with two va-jay-jays? Well, there’s a superfluous fleshy divider like a folding wall dividing the vagina ‘apartment’ into two spaces. After a woman with two va-jay-jays loses her virginity, one section stretches assuming the role of being the dominant pussy. While the other half of the ‘pussy flat’ becomes a smaller guest bedroom that they could use if they ever chose to have more company!

A woman looking at her vagina in detail

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7. The dude who was born with a womb

A 37-year-old British homie who we’ll call Rob found out that he had fully functional female reproductive organs after he complained about blood in his urine to his doctor. This condition is known as persistent Müllerian duct syndrome. While Rob could have broken new ground and become the first male to become pregnant and carry a baby, he instead chose to get a hysterectomy and now has to go through menopause.

A man shedding a waterfall of tears

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8. The lady with two baby-making ovens gives birth to triplets

It’s called uterus didelphys and it’s an extremely rare and dangerous condition. It was a stunning accomplishment to the medical community when an uterus didelphys patient gave birth to three babies. Hannah Kersey delivered both fraternal twins and identical twins at the same time. While one child was the product of one egg in one of Hannah’s ‘ovens’, the other two children were born in a separate ‘oven’ from the same egg.

A woman asking

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9. The guy with a pee hole penis flute

This actually happens only 1 time in every 300 male births. The pee hole locates itself somewhere else on the penis except for where it ought to be positioning itself like a hole on a flute. But no, a penis flute does not make music unless of course it’s being used during a shag or after an epic wizz when you’ve just broken the seal.

Ron Burgundy jazz flute flame

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10. Micro-penis man

It happens 1 times per every 165 male births. While the shape of the penis is normal and fully functional, it’s incredibly small. In extremely rare cases, an estimated one in 30 million, there isn’t even the suggestion of a penis. Which makes one wonder ‘What was Mother Nature snorting or smoking that made her lackadaisically forget to hook homie up with a suggestion of a cock?’

Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones demanding more wine

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11. The chick who can’t stop orgasming

Imagine orgasming while driving a car, giving a presentation at a meeting or at your grandparent’s funeral. Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder that has its sufferers sexually aroused to the point of orgasm while feeling void of any feelings of sexual desire. Zara Richardson is said to have one of the worst cases of PGAS ever documented as she has up to 500 orgasms a day. While this condition may sound enjoyable, Zara states that “people think that I must be in ecstasy every day but constantly having orgasms is ruining my life.”

Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally faking an orgasm

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12. Corkscrew cock guy

When the penis’s head or shaft twists like a corkscrew it’s almost always in a counter-clockwise direction. This condition is known as penile torsion. Many dudes actually have a slight corkscrew cock to some degree. It’s largely not problematic unless however the penis is off-kilter more than one-eighth of a turn.

Corkscrew cock

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13. Upside-down penis and scrotum man

In this setup, the penis and scrotum did the ‘ol switch-a-roo. Now the ball-sac is positioned ABOVE the Johnson and frankly, it resembles elephant ears! Medically it’s known as Scrotal transposition. You may remember Jake Tucker, upside down boy from Family Guy, yeah? Yeah, scrotal transposition is kind of like but on his ‘other’ head. It’s as if Mother Nature and Picasso drank a dozen 2-for-1 kamikaze shooters before they burped the blueprint for upside-down penis and scrotum man.

Upside down is an interesting experience

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Strange and bizarre sex organs

While you’ve probably been with a woman with big knockers, she was most likely carrying mandarin oranges compared to the woman with the largest watermelon titties. Some of these bizarre sex organs like micro-penis man probably don’t make you the tiniest bit jealous. But chances are, if you could slide into the body of the man with two penises body for a day like in Being John Malkovich, some of you would do it! Just to feel for one moment, an alternative reality where Mother Nature hiccuped something magnificent while making your sexy bits.

Which sex organ would you sign up to slip into for a day? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Curious to learn more about seriously strange sex organs and the disorders that accompany them? Then check out this video about 10 people with seriously strange sex organs and satiate your curiosity!

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