Nine Things About Nipples You Never Knew

June 6, 2016

Breasts and nipples in the form of ice cream

A female nipple is a highly sensitive fleshy structure from which fluid is meant to emanate, it’s in essence a water fountain of life delivering sustenance to its young. While nipples are designed for babies, they are far more interesting to those who have outgrown the need to suckle on the teet because, they are also an insanely erogenous zone. The nipples are highly sexualized, and when those dug dimples turn into high beams, it can make homies freeze like deer caught in hooter headlights.

In many cultures, nipples are considered taboo. While dudes for centuries have strutted around bare chested with absolutely no shame, the projection of a chick’s boob holds a sexually charged connotation, and it’s considered ‘public indecency’ to uncover the female chest berries in public.

Which is a shame because boobs and their nipples are a fantastic limited edition, and they deserve the right to breathe just like dude’s rubber bullets.

Perhaps one day a woman’s knockers and it’s suckle knuckles will be allowed to be out and about with the same rights that man titties have. Until then, there’s a lot to thankful for when considering the pointer sisters. Let’s celebrate the twin peaks by reveling in these herein titillating facts about the nipples.

1. Nipple-gasms happen

The suckle saucer is a highly erogenous zone which can experience its own orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Although it’s rare, epic nipple-gasms can happen. Curious to add this to your bag of tricks? Then watch this sexy sage break down: HOW TO HAVE AN EPIC BREAST ORGASM.

You can give someone a nipplegasm!

Original source: Imgur

2. The nips are not the most sensitive on all breasts

Some titty studies have shown that the teets are not in fact the most sensitive on all ladies breasts. Turns out the tops, sides and bottoms of the boob can be more sensitive for some Betties, Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of The Coregasm Workout says.

The nipple isn't always the most sensitive part of a tit

Original source: Imgur

3. Love buttons come in all shapes, sizes and colors

Mother Nature was using her artistic license when it came to deciding the template for the nipple. It’s possible for those circuit breakers to come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s a sexy fact, there are all different types of bullets banging in this sexy world.

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes

Original source: Tech and Facts

4. Some have more than two nipples!

Freaks of nature rock because they prove that the human body is in no way a cookie cutter. While some cookies only have two chocolate chips, there are other kinky cookies with more than two nubbins. In 2012, a 32-year old homie was found to have SEVEN nipples, and he’s the second person in recorded history with 7 nipples, according to a report in the Indian Journal of Human Genetics.

Two nipples might be standard, but some have more!

Original source: Giphy

5. BREAKING NEWS: Bumps on the tater tots are not Braille

While it would be fascinating if they were, and it would be super cool if they’d reveal a secret code to unlock the feminine prowess, those little bumps on the areola are called Areolar glands, or the Glands of Montgomery. Fun Fact: Those braille bumps were named after William Montgomery who first described them in a kinky paper back in 1837! It’s not clear why the braille bumps that aren’t braille exist. Elisa Port, MD and chief of breast surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Centre says, “Some people think that babies might use them to sort of find their way to the nipple, because of the texture.”

Believe it or not, the bumps on your nipples aren't messages in Braille

Original source: Reddit

6. Inverted nipples happen

Instead of that nipple pointing up and out, some are born with nips that are indented into the skin and point directly inward. The option for cosmetic surgery ‘fixes’ the inverted milk missile. The surgery is done more times than not for cosmetic reasons. Inverted nibbles still function, although they can make it trickier to breastfeed.

Inverted nipples are quite common

Original source: Beauty Heaven

7. Nipple torture is a thing

This erogenous zone has sparked a wild fetish that has some kinky Betties tied down and experimenting with the torture of their nipples. While there are some who insist that pinching their nipple does nothing for them, there are others who say, “Thank you sir, may I have another!’

Nipple torture. It's a thing

Original source: Bustle

8. Leaky Cherries

It’s a fact, that boob is intended to squirt, but what most Betties and dudes don’t know is that it can leak even when she’s NOT even pregnant. Some body parts are more of a giver than a taker, such is the case with titty toppers. They possess the ability to leak inexplicably and uncontrollably like a Mt. St Helen’s geyser.

Nipples can leak at any time. Not just when a woman is pregnant

Original source: Tumblr

9. Breast cancer affects EVERYONE

No matter what gender you are, or what gender you identify with, everyone can get breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 99% of breast cancers occur in women, but a little over 2,360 men in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and about 430 homies die from it. Lumps, dimpling of the skin, changes to the nipple, crusting, scabbing, hardening of the nipple and sudden inversion of the nipple are all warning signs. Bottom line, if you find a lump where there wasn’t one before, or a change to your chest thermometers, you should see your doctor right away – regardless of your gender.

Breast cancer can hit everyone, not just women

Original source: Rebloggy

Nipples and tatas are enchanting, and they should be praised, exalted and celebrated. They serve practical and erotic purposes, and if your curiosity for diamond cutters simply hasn’t been appeased then by all means check out: 29 Things You Never Knew About Nipples. Those nipples are attached to mesmerizing jugs, so take an extra moment to respect and appreciate that and watch the Things You Didn’t Know About Boobs.

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