Ten Sex Enhancing Workouts!

June 9, 2016

Fit woman doing push-ups in gym

Whether you hit the gym, or however you choose to work out, you’re not just going to feel its rewards while walking down the street. When you exercise consistently, you’re also going to get that body of yours in shape for an epic performance in between the sheets. While a part of you may protest the toil and sweat involved, the other part of you can relax with knowing that the fruits of your labor will be the best shag of your life.

Nothing worth having comes easy, so it’s a great idea to focus on toning and tuning that sex machine of yours, and keep your eyes on the prize: all the sexy mileage you’ll be getting out of it.

Everyone can become better at the chitty chitty bang bang, because the better shape you’re in, the better you’ll be at making that sexy beast with two backs.

When hitting the gym, consider including and focusing on the the exercises herein that’ll tone vital parts of your body that are crucial players in the kinky game. When it comes to working out, ask thy sexy self: How badly do you want the best shag of your life? Because the power to unlock that erotic potential lies dormant within you, so get to work transforming your body into the sexy temple that it’s meant to be, and let these exercises be the answer to your sexy prayers.


Practicing Kegels consistently can cause a positive change in your sex life because they have the power to give you better erections, more intense orgasms, and they’ll help you last longer in bed. Plus, mastering the Dude Kegel during a righteous romp makes contact with that G-spot.

Kegels work the pelvic floor muscles, which controls sexual functions and the bladder. The muscle in question is used when you stop peeing if you’re a broad, and it’s the muscle that raises your tent pole if you’re a dude. When you strengthen this muscle, it not only strengthens bladder control, it also can increase your health and happiness while going to pound town. Learn more in Kegel Exercises For Men: How the Private Gym Program Works.

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It’s one of the exercises that comes to mind when you think of typical meat heads at the gym. While most meat heads rock the dead lifts to look manly, this exercise does goes to work on the hamstrings, glutes, core, and back, all of which come into use during sexy times. The core of the workout is all about thrusting, or the technical term is ‘hip extension.’ The key is to learn the form, so you can perform the exercise correctly, and reap the sexy benefits. Avoid performing dead lifts incorrectly by watching, ‘How To’ Deadlift.

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Like Dead lifts, squats help you through hip extension, and they improve your sex life by getting you used to standing while carrying weight. If you’re squatting consistently, you’re on your way to being able to successfully shag against a wall while holding up your partner. Squats develop your leg and back strength which totally helps out in sexy bedroom gymnastics. Learn more about how to effectively rock this exercise and watch, ‘How to’ Squat.

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This exercise trains you for the challenge that missionary position holds which can be exhausting for dude’s arms and abs. Keeping a tight core and remaining on your elbows is the simplest way to do a plank. The next step is a push up position, although it’s the hardest variation, it’s the one that’ll totally tone your core, and have that sexy vixen squealing, ‘Hercules, Hercules’ as keep you keep doing it, doing it, and doing it wild. Learn more about planking when you watch this tutorial that breaks down exactly, ‘How to’ Plank.

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Think about how you enjoy when that sexy vixen is moving with you while you ride her. Just how you enjoyed her moving along with you, that broad enjoys the same when she’s riding you. That birdie just wants you to move with her, and even take control at times, and although that sounds easy, it requires a lot of strength from your glutes. Barbell bridges goes to work training your glutes.

First, consider trying it without any weight at all. Simply lie back on your back with your feet planted, so your knees are bent and thrust your butt up, hold it there, and then release. When it becomes easy, it’s time to add weight to the movement, then you can add a barbell that has a pad attached so it doesn’t hurt your pelvis. Check out this video showing perfect form from a dude that’s rocking 455lbs during a Barbell Glute Bridge.

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High Intensity interval training or HIIT splits up your workout into intervals. You sprint for 15 seconds, and then run for a steady state for 90 seconds, switching between the two for a totally of 15 minutes. Sex involves a change of pace, after all sometimes you go fast, and sometimes slow, and this workout emulates that same sexy frequency. Sex is not a sprint, so incorporating HIIT into your workout to get into impeccable shape for that sexy marathon. Learn more by sweating it out in this 30 min HIIT Workout w/ Relentless Jake.

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Like Planks, push ups build your core, and because sex is the kinkiest obstacle course, you should focus on getting as much strength as you can into your chest and arms. Starting a 30 day push up challenge can yield results at the end of the month, showing you what incredible power you can gift yourself by committing to a cause. Rise triumphantly at your next sexy occasion, and bang bang when you accept the 30 Day Push Up Challenge #StopDropAndPushUp200, and rebuild your core.

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Leg raises have dude raising his legs to his chest, and it trains him to tilt his pelvis upwards. Which is great for the Misses, because when this exercise is done during sex it can hit the G-Spot, so you’re welcome! Leg raises can be performed with back support, or by hanging off of a pull up bar, with bent legs, or with straight legs. The latter is more difficult, but Dude and Betty will definitely see the sexy benefits during their spicy rendezvous. Learn more about this exercise by watching, How to Do a Leg Raise.

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Flexibility of the groin is the key component to being able to take your sexual tryst to the next level. A great stretch for the groin is the bottom of a squat. Sit at the bottom of the squat position, and use your elbows to push your knees outwards then hold for thirty seconds, release and repeat. Work out the groin and stretch it out, so that it’ll be ready to go to work for you. Learn more about how to do just that by watching, How to Perform Squat to Stand.

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No, you’re not going to go walk around Old McDonald’s farm, and pick up vegetables, rather you’ll need to grab a pair of heavy dumbbells, and walk. This exercise strengthens the forearms, strengthening those soldiers that often get overtired in the battle field of love. It’s a great way to build strength and endurance in your core, back and forearms too. Even though it may seem easy, after performing this exercise, you’ll soon agree that a Farmers walk is indeed hard work! Learn more about how to rock out this exercise by watching How to Perform the Farmer’s Walk.

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Take the time to fine tune your body and it’ll in turn, help you tune into your best sexual frequency yet. Toss these exercises into your health regiment, and anticipate a sexy Phoenix Rising on your horizon. Celebrate your body by strengthening its sexy temple, and learning as much as you can about how to make it as vigorous as possible in 5 Exercises Men Can Do to Improve Their Sex Life.

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