How Much Men Exaggerate Their Penis Size Revealed

January 23, 2019

Young man holding tape measure, measuring his penis

OK, let’s face it, many men are self-conscious about the size of their penis. Maybe it is because we watch porn where all men are hung like donkeys (usually due to surgery of course). This gives a false perception of how ‘big’ the man is supposed to be, leading many men to possibly not be that accurate when discussing its length. But how much do men really exaggerate? Well, a survey by Bespoke Surgical of men in America has given us an answer to that.

Interesting Results

The results revealed that 38% of men tell potential dates a size that’s different from their actual size.

Of that 38%, 26% exaggerated the length of their penis to others, on average adding 0.98 inches on.

Perhaps more surprising though was that the other 12% were found to understate the length of their penis, by an amazing 1.03 inches, on average.

According to a study by King’s College London in the UK, the average size of the penis when erect is 5.16 inches.

Rather amusingly, a subsequent survey by SKYN found that the average penis size is 6.1 inches. And you guessed it, this was a ‘self-reported survey’, where men told SKYN how big they were. It does back up the fact many guys exaggerate the size of their willy.

This graph clearly shows just how much men might exaggerate the size of their cock!
Original source: Bespoke Surgical

Too Much Pressure

I am a great believer that too much pressure is put on guys, and porn has a lot to answer for. Not only does it make men think that normal is somehow small, it will arguably affect women’s perceptions also, at least until they have seen their fair share in the bedroom. I do often wonder whether women who talk among themselves about how ‘tiny’ their exes were actually know how big a penis is supposed to be.

You have to remember, men very rarely compare the size of their penis. When we go to the bathroom, most men get a bad neck due to looking so far up to make it clear that they aren’t having a crafty peek at the guy standing next to them. This leaves the only other penises they get to see being on screen in naughty videos. It is much the same as women getting bad body image issues because they don’t look like Nikki Benz. Men aren’t immune to this kind of anxiety, and the last thing we want it for potential dates to not let us anywhere near the bedroom because they think we have a small penis.

I am also convinced that if you asked men how big the average size of a penis is, they wouldn’t think it was the five inches it is in reality.

In the end though, it is all down to what you do in bed, rather than the size of your tackle. 70% of women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so being hung like a horse isn’t actually that important for most ladies. It is how you make them orgasm that counts. Therefore, as men we need to get away from the obsession of penis size and instead start concentrating on being better lovers. This piece on pleasuring the clitoris we did recently should really come in useful in that regard.

Hopefully then we can stop feeling we need to lie about our penis size, and start judging our performance by what actually counts.

Listen up. Girls

There is also a responsibility for the woman to let the man know he is perfectly normal, and that his penis is something very good. As guys we are constantly bombarded with advice that we are supposed to tell women how great they look, and how women often feel bad. It is often forgotten that men are human too and will likely be going through the same kind of turmoil as ladies do.

So, girls, tell him how big he is. Then, even if you break up in the future, he ends the relationship knowing that he isn’t supposed to look like a pornstar, and he can move onto the next section of his life having the confidence that you would want to move onto yours with.

And if you stay together, you will help create a confident lover. That really is a big win for you as well.

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