Office Workers Are Having A Lot Of Sex At Work!

February 1, 2018

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For those working a nine to five job in an office, it can be difficult. It feels monotonous, and you start to look for anything you can do to try and make your day a little more exciting. It’s even worse if you find your colleagues attractive, as you might then long to have a work rendezvous with them in the stationary cupboard. But surely most office workers aren’t acting on these desires?

It turns out that, actually, the majority of them are. A recent study has shown us that plenty of office workers are enjoying a work romance or simply a fling by fucking at work. Just how many has shocked us all… so what is it about work that makes it such a popular place for sex?

Sex at work in Sweden

It was only last year that we heard about the Swedish councillor eager to give office workers a break by giving them time to have sex. This came shortly after reports that masturbation breaks at work would help to make you more focused on your job, and make workers happy.

So what would sex breaks for work actually do? The councillor, Per-Erik Muskos, felt that some couples didn’t get much time together as a result of their long hours. This is a strain on many relationships, and so he felt that an hour long paid break from work would be the answer.

Yes, you did read that correctly. You would get paid to leave work, go home, and fuck your partner. The theory was that this would make workers happier and more dedicated to their jobs. The councillor also felt that it would “help to improve family relationships”.

Sex breaks from work were a popular topic of conversation last year

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Forget leaving the office!

While leaving the office to enjoy a paid hour away for the purposes of sex seems great, it also doesn’t seem like it is likely to happen. It would mean that, along with a lunch break, office workers would be away from their desk more. They might not get as much done, and many bosses won’t be happy with the idea.

So it seems that plenty of workers are taking their work sex lives into their own hands. A recent study by discovered that 9 out of 10 people have had sex in their place of work. That’s a huge number, especially when you look at the fact that 20,000 people took part in the poll.

When looking at the information in a bit more detail, they found that 26% of the couples had actually used a private office. This seems like the best alternative, as no-one can see what you are up to behind closed doors. However, it still leaves a large number who are willing to risk getting caught fucking at work. Why?

It seems that the idea of leaving the office just doesn't do it for some people

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Why fuck where you work?

As a result of this survey, we now find ourselves with a number of questions. Just where do you have sex at work if you don’t have a private office, and what makes sex at work so appealing to many workers?

The bathroom seems to be a popular spot for it, especially if there are larger cubicles for you to use. However, only 13% did this. 1 in 7 would instead head to the store room to get it on, while 5% wanted to risk it in a lift.

So what makes it so appealing to us? The man behind the poll, David Minns, has a few theories, and stated that many of those responding to the poll stated “that having sex in the office had the added excitement of getting caught”. We love risky sex, and so the potential of getting caught fucking instead of working is a huge turn on for us.

What makes the office such a good place for sex?

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Horny office workers

The obvious risk about having office sex is that you’ll get caught. The very thought of being caught at it is often enough to make it exciting for us, but office workers face pretty big risks if they do get it on in their place of work. They could find themselves in serious trouble for it.

For a start, it could be classed as indecent exposure. Even if it doesn’t, we doubt that the HR team are going to be too happy by what you have been up to. Is the risk really going to be worth it for sex?

Believe it or not, I’ve never had sex at work. I love my job too much to risk getting fired for that! But what do you think?¬†Should we be having more sex at work or should we keep things to more private places? We want to hear from you, so leave a comment in the box below. You can even tell us about your favourite public sex spots to go to!

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