Postman Throws Parcels Into A Ravine!

July 9, 2014

One of the best things about the XEscorts blog becoming so popular is the fact that we get so many messages from punters who have read our blogs enjoyed them.

One message that stood out this week was from a guy who read our piece on the postman who sneaked into a house and used the phone to call a sex line.

Ultimate Laziness

A postman in Birmingham, Alabama was forced to resign after a video of him launching a number of parcels into a ravine went viral.

Special Agent Kenneth D. Smith of the USPS crime investigation unit stated.

“As with any ongoing OIG investigation, I can’t comment on specifics,”

Which Would You Prefer?

It did start a very good debate in the XEscorts offices however. Would you rather a postman use your phone to call a porn line, or throw away your parcel? I have to say, I would prefer him to use my phone. I can get the money back of the company he works for in regards to the phone bill, but you won’t have any chance of getting your parcel back if it is floating somewhere in the North Sea.

I have to send my thanks to the poster who sent us the video. It really did amuse us greatly.

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