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Urinary or prostate problems concept. Young man holds paper with SOS above crotch.
April 12, 2018

It can be difficult to talk to your doctor when you are having penis problems. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, with some statistics suggesting it affects 50% of men. That’s a lot of people. Yet for some reason we choose to stay quiet about it.

Point Of View Image Of Person In Bed Turning Off Phone Alarm
January 30, 2018

It is important for us to be aware of our health and how it will change over time. You might find that you struggle to get and maintain erections as you get older, or perhaps your morning wood just isn’t as good as it used to be. Either way, these are the things you should be taking note of.

Depressed old man on edge of bed
July 6, 2017

Having erectile dysfunction certainly isn’t nice. It ruins people of all ages sex lives, but it is fair to say, it becomes more prevalent as we get older. However, according to a recent report, there could be help on the way when it comes to making things better in that area. What is it you may ask? The answer is sex robots.

Stressed man sits in bed whilst female sleeps
December 12, 2016

OK, I will get straight to it. Let us talk about erectile dysfunction (or ED as it is also known). You know, where you struggle to get, or maintain an erection. Where Pele comes and does an advert about it, and then goes “get help, I would”, just to remind us he has no problems down there.

home computing adult content
August 26, 2016

When something goes wrong in the world, people tend to blame porn. People have too much sex? Porn. People not having enough sex? Porn. People having trouble keeping it up? You guessed it… porn. We blame porn for a lot of things, but it seems like porn is becoming a bit of a scapegoat for problems in the bedroom.

a doctor sitting in a desk with a pile of blue pills in his hand
August 25, 2015

If you are a man struggling to get and maintain an erection it can be frustrating. We know that you want a quick solution instead of trying all of the “at home” techniques of relaxing and not stressing about it, and Viagra provides that for many.