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Sexy blonde woman in stockings and bra sending love
February 22, 2018


Most of us have a smart phone. They allow us to do so many different things, and you can now even do things such as turn on the heating at home so that your place will be warm when you get in. They can even help you to spice up your sex life… if you get the right sex apps, that is.

Woman with whip
July 14, 2016

If you guys have the same love/hate relationship as I do with Tinder, then you would know that it’s fun and exciting for 10 minutes, before it turns into a pile of banal shit.

Two businessmen using phones
April 7, 2016

The wonders of technology never stop to amaze people. There is an application for almost everything you can think of, isn’t there? You have dating apps, sex apps, period apps, shopping apps. And now, thanks to Brianna Rader, we have an educational sex app that answers all your sex related questions.