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Debenhams front
April 10, 2018


It has been a very depressing week so far. We saw the awful chemical attacks in Syria, and on the home front we have had footballing legend Ray Wilkins dying at the early age of 61. In such depressing times, it is often nice to come across and amusing, stupid story, devoid of any seriousness or subtext. That is why this story about Debenhams selling a table lamp of a gorilla appearing to make the ‘wanker sign’ put a smile on my face.

Blue bird of Twitter
September 10, 2015

OK, I will admit it, I’m a man. Therefore I don’t always understand the ‘female experience’. I look at the world and I hear from social media that women find life so hard, but then see that Angela Merkel runs Germany, Hillary Clinton is about to become President, and other women are doing well.

Woman leans forward looking depressed
March 3, 2015

Last night, I was sat with my Mrs flitting round the TV, looking for something that wasn’t total rubbish. With over 1000 channels, you would have thought that would be an easier job. I stumbled on a show called 10,000BC. The premise of the programme was that 20 people would be chucked into some Bulgarian forest, and told to live like they would have done in the prehistoric ages for a couple of months. It actually sounded quite interesting.

November 21, 2013

David Cameron was left red faced yesterday after appearing to follow a London escort agency on Twitter.